This Isn’t Mash

This Isn’t Mash

So I reached out to Chastain to see if we wanted to Q Chiseled and he said sure, if we did a swap Q and I Q’ed Diesel.  Deal.  I decided after hearing Thursday that Mash outnumbered the Body Shop Pax that perhaps the Mash numbers were getting too high and we needed to remind the pax that Diesel isn’t Mash.  Having said that, I may not be asked back to lead Diesel.  Here’s how bad it sucked…


  • 20 Mountain Climbers (with a wimper from a pax, “Oh that’s how we are going to start?  We’re just going to jump right into mountain climbers?”).
  • Downward Dog
  • 10 Dry Docks
  • Calf Stretch (Hadn’t planned on it since there is no running at Diesel, but I asked and a Pax wanted it so we did it).
  • 10 Side Straddle Block Jump Squats
  • Grab your block to assist with Jimmy Duggans.
  • 10 more Side Straddle Block Jump Squats.


Mosey fast walk while doing T Claps over head just so we are doing something more than walking to the first island for Paula Abdules.  Bear Crawl up 2 parking spaces for 5 Merkins and Crawl Bear back 1 parking space for 5 In/Outs.  The plan was to do this 10 parking spaces up for a total of 50 Merkins.   Based on how much I was sweating after 5 spaces and the complaining I was hearing, I wasn’t sure we would make it….but I was determined to push forward so we did.

Circle back up for 11’s with your Coupon.  10 Presses and 1 hold down to 1 press and 10 hold (Yes, I just did this at Commitment…there is a news clip with video proof).

Grab Dumbbells for 4 Corners.  Walk between corners with dumbbells held over your head.

  • Corner 1: 20 Front Raises.  Walk to next corner with dumbbells overhead.
  • Corner 2: 20 Side Raises (lots of complaining so I audibled to 15 here).  Walk dumbbells overhead.
  • Corner 3: 20 Reverse Flies (no audible on count even though pax requested it).  Walk dumbbells overhead.
  • Corner 4: 10 Combo.  Front Raise/Side Raise/Reverse Fly.  Walk dumbells overhead back to start.

Lots of pax complaining about the amount of shoulder work.  Got it.  I will cross the 100 Dry Docks off the list (kidding, or am I?).

25 coupon curls followed by 25 dumbbell curls.  Had planned to repeat but was running out of time and had a few more tricks up my sleeve and it seems like the go to at gear sites is Curls so if I’m going to skip something, lets skip curls.

3 sets of 20 dumbbell tricep kick backs & 20 dips

Line up on curb with block on the curb.  Pax did foot release squats on the coupons while taking turns doing wheelbarrow walk with feet on two 10 pound plates.  This was a crowd favorite.  Saw some pax standing around, thought they were board so I threw in some 1 legged lunges to break up the monotony.

100 Coupon Chest Presses and 50 Side Straddle Block Jump Squats broken out into 3 sets (how ever many reps you wanted to break it).  Yes, I realize 3 doesn’t go into 100 and 50 evenly.  That was by design and it started some lively conversation of how many reps each pax was going to do each set.  Showing the wizardry of a business degree from NC State, I indicated I would be doing 25, 20, and what ever was left of the jumps.  Site Q’s Chastain and Brutus were quick to pile on.

5 minutes left…what to do, what to do….lets do the wheelbarrow thing again, lots of complaints on that earlier.  1 Pax wheelbarrows while the rest do the following:

Coupon overhead press

Dumbbell curls

Tricep kick back

Brutus begging for 6:15 to get here and is gleeful when it hits…except 2 pax hadn’t completed the wheelbarrow.  KEEP GOING!  I wish I captured the disappointment in Brutus’ eyes.  Finished out at 6:15:35 (I don’t have a second counter on my watch so no clue, but it was definitely not 6:16 – take that Hooch!).



  • Thanks for roping me into Q Chastain.  I tend to lean towards Impromptu/Swarm on Friday’s to get the running in opting only for Diesel if I wasn’t able to get my lifting in from Chiseled.  The extra 15 minutes added to Diesel allows some fun extra work.  Chastain threatened his revenge as his Chiseled Q in September.  Make sure to attend to see if he whips me.
  • A couple pax apparently don’t like the extra 15 minutes as they have defiantly showed up at 5:30 instead of 5:15.  I had hoped to save the difficult stuff for them when they arrived, but alas we were already done with Paula Abdules when Legalized and Centerfold showed.
  • Sledge was quiet but worked hard today.  No complaining even though I gave plenty of reason to.
  • Baklava killed the wheelbarrow today.  Dude was moving.  He’s another no complainer, head down, and work guy. (I’m an oxford comma guy).
  • Turn Buckle put some good work in to what I would consider a harder workout.  Some new moves that required muscle strength and positions he hadn’t done before.  No complaints from him.  He tried to do everything even if his body physically wouldn’t allow it.  Keep pushing forward.
  • The chatter started out strong today, but I think I broke some of the pax with the Paula Abdules.  That being said, I’m not sure a dirty sock and duck tape can keep Brutus from talking.  The jabbering conversation kept the monotony of the quiet air at bay (Chastain, add make sure your speaker is charged to the Q school documents).
  • Legalized showed up late and parked as far away as he could while we were doing bear crawls.  Which is interesting since he should have handicap parking access with his foot.  Was it because he was avoiding us?  Did he need the long walk as an excuse to not join us?  Did the edibles having him feeling light on his feet?  No one knows.
  • Centerfold getting back into the fray after an extended vacation and apparently itching to paint some more blocks.
  • Posse has gone from Q whisperer and Q school leader to “lets see how much I can distract and question the Q”.  I’m thinking we may need to rename him Needler if this keeps up.  Quotes from Posse this morning:
    • “We’re starting with Mountain Climbers?  Really?”
    • “I think 20 is too much”
    • “Interesting that your able to work your neck also while doing curls Fuse.”
    • “Wow, squats for 10 minutes is so much fun!”
  • I had planned a completely no touching Q, and both Brutus and Posse completely ruined it when they picked up the 10 lbs plates to mistakenly walk them back.  All other pax correctly only touched plates with their feet so if there is a Diesel Corona Virus outbreak, only Posse and Brutus are in the cross hairs.
  • Longing to get back to using gear.  I had originally thought about using hair burners as the timer but thats out due to Covid (Was Bottle Cap really going to do hairburners as Cerberus???).  Next option was the wheelbarrows which worked out pretty good.
    • We now have two tires on site at Five Stones and I really wanted to use them in a relay race today…but ultimately decided with Covid it was too risky.  There’s also a long fire hose on site that is great for power runs (don’t you sneak over and steal it Waxhaw Express).  So many other gear things I want to get back to doing…..hopefully soon.



  • 2nd blood drive in October.  Sign up sheet going live soon.  Charleston currently has 45 pax signed up 1 week into recruitment.   SOB/Area 51 combined drive is gunning for us.  Lets make number 2 bigger than the first.  Reach out to Turnbuckle or Rudy if interested in helping.
  • Cash from The Fort (Fort Mill/Tega Cay area) has terminal cancer.  The Fort has asked that pax wear all black when posting tomorrow and take the fort in the COT photo with the hashtag #CASH.
  • I’ve got Homecoming tomorrow (another q swap with Posse).  I can’t wait to see what hell Posse gives me tomorrow.  Perhaps I will open with burpees and a mile run to shut him up.
  • Deep Dish has his VQ over at Homecoming.
  • No one knows what that lawless AO in SC has in store for tomorrow, but I did finally put two and two together that Atlas’ daughter and my daughter have been on the same softball teams since the spring so there’s that.
  • Carb Load’s daughters Batmispa (Southern boy spelling) is happening….oh, now.  No need to announce I guess.

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