Lets Gooooooo!

Lets Gooooooo!

With a week filled of college football cancellations and other bummers to YHC’s favorite upcoming season of the year, YHC was ready to release some frustration and get after it.  In the grand scheme the aforementioned are minor inconveniences, but it was still good to get up and push oneself with 12 other men ready to go.  YHC and Kirby were the only takers of a pre-run but I expect that number to grow as things progress (and the heat/humidity drops).  5:30 hit and 13 Pax were off.  Here is what went down.


The Thang:

Warm up mosey around the Regal parking lot with shuffles right and left, butt kickers and high knees.  COP with IW, Hillbillies, SSH, Mtn Climbers, 6 inches, then brief yoga stretch.  Mosey to the parking lot behind HT.

Speed bump warm up.  Run to each speed bump stopping for an upper body and lower body exercise.  10 x wide arm merkins and 10 x squats – next speed bump 10 x regular merkin and 10 x right leg lunges – next speed bump 10 x diamond merkins and 10 x left leg lunges.  Repeat for last 3 speed bumps. T-claps to Long Haul for leading plank work while the Pax finished.

Now that we were warmed up time for the main event.  Mosey to St. Matt’s and grab a lifting rock to take to the parking lot.  Partner up and line up abreast maintaining social distance.  P1 does called rock exercise while P2 runs to 3rd light to do ab work and then runs back. Flapjack as needed to get to total.  Exercises were:

Round 1: 120 total bicep curls with runner doing 15 heels to heaven at 3rd light.

Round 2: (Pax made round 1 look too easy so YHC audibled) 160 total overhead presses with runner going to 2nd light and doing 10 JLo’s.

Round 3: 160 total tricep extensions (keep elbows in) with runner doing 20 LBC’s.

Round 4: 100 total sumo squats (keep the back straight and rock touching the ground) with runner doing 20 scissor kicks.

Head back to launch stopping halfway for the Pax to enjoy 15 Walter N’diaye’s (I have to look the spelling up every time) in the HT parking lot. Finish mosey to launch with just enough time for 8 burpees OYO.  Finish.



As stated early in this backblast it was great to get out and get after it with the Pax.  Lots of noise in the world today but for YHC posting with the Pax helps to normalize things.  As always great to see the regulars of this AO which make a sucky workout that much more enjoyable.  And fantastic to see the relative Nightmare newcomers like Sweet Water, Floorslapper and Beetlejuice (these guys are all beasts and are going to make the rest of us step up our game).  Strong work by all this morning and a pleasure to lead the group.



  • SOB blood drive coming in October at the Brace YMCA.  Specifics to come but eat plenty of red meat and drink lots of water leading up to that point…and don’t donate elsewhere so that you can give a pint.
  • Remember to wear lights and hi-vis shirts so that we are visible in the gloom.  It is staying darker longer as the time shifts.
  • YHC is watching more NBA basketball of random teams this very moment and FYI Dame Lillard is a bad man.

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