You’re an evil man

You’re an evil man

Today’s Swole blackbast title was Voodoo’s response to hearing my plan on Sunday afternoon.

YHC rolled in at about 5:27 with 4 pax waiting in the parking lot.   I only needed one bell(28 kg) so I took it out of the car and was ready to go.  Hoover showed up during the warmup.

Warm Up 10 Windmills and 10 Arm Circles in each direction

The Main Event:

20 Swings:  1 Turkish Getup Left Hand

20 Swings: 1 Turkish Getup Right Hand

10 Swings: 5 snatches each hand

Repeato 5 rounds, with increasing snatches each round 6 each hand, 7 each hand, 8 each hand, 9 each hand.

1 min waiter carry left, 1 min rest 1 min waiter carry right

1 min Elbow Plank

1 Min Hollow body hold

1 Min Glute Bridge



Voodoo takes the reigns at Meathead on Wednesday.

YHC needs help finding a venue for the upcoming SOB/A51 Blood Drive.  We need a large air conditioned room for 5-6 hours.  Think church fellowship halls, school cafeterias, gyms, etc.  This would ideally be in the early part of October but we are flexible at this point.

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