If You Can’t Do It…

If You Can’t Do It…

…don’t Q it. AYE. YHC should have taken that advice into account when we set off into the soupy Gloom this morning.

The Thang

Mosey up to the top of the entrance to the school for a warmarama interspersed with ascending Burpees up to 5

Head down Deal Road to Wedgewood and then follow Wedgewood to the bottom of the big hill
McGee Smokemeter = 2/10

Run back up the hill (approx 0.15 miles), do 6 Burpees
Run down the hill, do 6 Tarantulas (leaping lunges + jump squat = 1)
Repeat ascending until 10 Burpees / 10 Tarantulas
Return for the 6
McGee Smokemeter = 7/10

Continue down Wedgewood to the end (approx 0.4 miles)
6 minutes of McGee Mary (no touching the ground with your feet)
McGee Smokemeter = 4/10

Run back to the previous hill circuit (0.4 miles) and pause for 6
McGee Smokemeter = 8/10

Run up the hill and do 11 Burpees
McGee Smokemeter = 10/10

Run back up the rest of the hill to Deal Road
McGee Smokemeter = 11/10

Run down Deal Road
McGee Smokemeter = 12/10

Stop at the entrance of the school to do some Mary so McGee doesn’t die
But hey, why not? Let’s do 12 Burpees
McGee Smokemeter = 13/10

Run back down to the parking lot for the final 3 minutes
McGee Smokemeter = 150/10

It was at this point that Posse wondered whether or not he’d have to step in for a fatigue-induced Q-jack but, fortunately, I managed to stay upright while we did some squats and Baryshnikovs and more squats and maybe something else, I don’t know. All I wanted was for my watch to say 7:30 and it finally, mercifully did.


  1. Strong work by all involved. Gerber led the pax on all fronts. Double E strapped on his #smokeboots during the return to the campos. Recalculating inspired all of us with his ‘Merica headband. Posse maintained a positive attitude throughout and even decided to run through a 10 count that I called for my own sake, which I will probably never forgive him for doing.
  2. Apparently the Pax of Homecoming had not yet explored the environs of Wedgewood. Apparently they are planning to forget they ever did and also ensure that the guy who led them there doesn’t get a chance for a repeat.
  3. Not a lot of mumblechatter this morning because of the way the workout ran, so not much to report there. The only comment of report was Posse informing us that he could summon an Uber in 10 minutes to take us home before we returned on foot. I wish I’d taken him up on it.

Thanks to Posse for inviting me to Q. Not sure it was a great idea on his part but we all survived – mostly.

#horseneck OUT


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