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IPC Relay – Week 1 – “Is This Really A Thing We Are Doing Now?”

Last week is in the books and it whopped our North Carolina bumpkin back sides. Was it fun? Sure. Are we looking forward to this week? Not entirely but we have just enough stupid friends around to drag us back week to week. A portion of us took this thing on in the suburbs of Waxhaw last Wednesday and were humbled to get through it. One of our brethren completed that thing just short of 22mins and I came in just short of 30mins. It was tough and I’m not sure where I would had made up time other than putting down the occasional craft brews and maybe not finishing of my kids meals with the idea of becoming less large in size. I digress….

I start my workday and boom, texts start flowing in that someone else completed the workout in 18mins and I think by this point I was aware of someone completing in 16mins. Could this be true? Was a video being uploaded of this record setting time onto YouTube using dialup speeds and we will see it in the coming weeks? Well my jealousy bone and my spidey skepticism was tingling! How could we mimic the greatest team ever to see just what is possible? So I broke up the 24 exercises and tapped on the shoulders of some elite pax to join me in my journey. Luckily we have more than our fair share of stupidity and 16 guys showed up Friday morning to crush it. We ended up getting 50 seconds faster than the Week Zero winner which was laughable at best. But the 2nd F laughter and camaraderie meant we would be doing this on a weekly basis for sure!


This week is a little different due to the burpee EMOM aspect but we have come up with a way to mimic the tiredness level of a single pax completing it. So her is what we are doing, 1st we broke up the exercises in batches of 25 reps each and that creates the need for up to 30 pax to participate. You could do it with less but we will leave that up to you. Looking at the chart below will help make a little more sense of everything but our main rule is every person MUST do the 3 x burpee EMOM until they are completely done. “Done” meaning, no longer do any exercises.

As an example:

• If you have 30 guys, assign each guy a round. From the moment the timer starts everyone does the burpee EMOM. Person in Round 1 does his 25 x Hand Release Release Merkins until he’s completed and the person in Round 2 begins their 25 x Hand Release Release Merkins. Each person stops doing their exercises to complete the 3 x burpee EMOM every time. The person in Round 1 does not need to keep doing the EMOM if they are not doing any more exercise rounds.
• Same idea as before but lets assume you only have 17 guys. The guy from round 1, once he finished his 25 x HRRM would move down the line to Round 18 but would continue with the EMOM.

Confused yet? Hopefully the pic on our socials helps a bit to keep track of which pax is doing what and when. We plan to mark of 30 spaces using parking spots and chalk to keep it simple.

Am I Worthy?

Nine souls joined YHC for a morning tour through Champion Forest. We hit all of the streets and made sure we covered every inch as we ran 4 of them twice just for good measure.

DiCCS Delivered and we were off…


Mosey around front of MS/HS and out the HS entrance to cross Cuthbertson Rd. and into Champion Forest, stopping for the SIX so we could all cross together. Finished our warm-up mosey at the club house and circled up for: 15 X Imperial Walkers – IC, 9 X Merkins – IC, Downward Dog, Calfstretch L/R mixed with Runners Stretch L/R while reaching for the sky.


Mosey down Dobson Rd. until we reach Chisholm Ct. – 20 X Merkins at start and run to cul-de-sac and do 20 Merkins, R/R and end with 20 Merkins for total of 100 X Merkins.

Mosey the rest of the way down Dobson and at dead end to Waynewood start 20 X  Squats, run to cul-de-sac and do 20 Squats, R/R and end with 20 Squats for total of 100 X Squats.

Mosey to Whitaker Pl and do 20 X American Hammers (2=1) on each end, R/R and end with 20 X AH’s for total of 100 X AH’s.

Mosey to Bauer Pl and do 20 X Reverse Plank Knee-Ups (1=1) on each end, R/R and end with 20 X RPK’s for total of 100 X RPK’s.

Start mosey back to COT up Waynewood and do 10 X Speed Skaters at each street light until exit of Neighborhood at Cuthbertson Rd. I don’t recall how many there were but it seemed like a thousand…

Mosey back to COT and finish with AYG from MS Exit to light pole where the Shovel Flag would normally be and don’t quit until you pass the light. Done! Everyone clocked at least 5 miles and got some total body work in the process. Way to push gents!

Moleskin: I am always hesitant to lead these “extra” mileage workouts bc I don’t feel like I have the strength or endurance to finish them, let alone lead them. I have a difficult time keeping up with the Gazelles that normally post to these. In reality though, it isn’t about keeping up with them, it is about pushing myself to be better and work harder while encouraging others to do the same for themselves. My natural competitiveness and a little bit of my pride needs to take a back seat to my drive to make myself better than I was yesterday or last week or last month or last year. We don’t give out trophies to the winners in F3. The reward for your participation is just you, yourself getting better and stronger as you push forward. The other stuff, (winning or success in competition), will take care of itself when you focus on getting better each day/week/month/year.  So if you ever ask yourself if you’re worthy then just remember that you absolutely are and the reward for you will come with putting in the work and pushing yourself to new limits.

To the PAX that joined me today, thank you for letting me lead and I hope you got out of it what YOU needed to make yourself better.

Announcement: See Flash BB

Easy Button took us out


Don’t Poke the Bear

The skies were ominous on Saturday morning as YHC meandered towards the large pink church known as Calvary for another edition of Rock Zero.  Battling 3,000% humidity, 17 PAX gathered for what promised to be an epic pain disbursement by YHC, who typically dispenses feel good, jovial workouts when Q’ing.  Today, not so much.  After the proverbial shirt tuck and a curt disclaimer, time for business.

COP at the Astro Turf courtyard

Sprinklers, LSS, Shoulder Tap Merkins, Dolly, Plank Jacks

Mosey to 51.  Right turn, Clyde.  Mosey to Cary Ridge Dr and congregate in the pool parking lot.  Grab a parking space.

5 Merkins on one side of the parking space, side plank walk to other side, 5 Merkins.   Repeat until 20 Merkins total.  Do it again, this time with 2 Burpees on each side of the line, 8 total reps.

Left turn on Cary Ridge.  “There are bad hills that way, Jet Fuel.”  Yessir, there are.  Mosey to end.  Mary.

Left turn on Coburn.  Mosey to bottom.

Coburn Triple Nickel

Bottom: Heels to Heaven

Top:  Plank Knee-ups

Mary when finished.  The rain made an appearance during the Triple Nickel, but the PAX was already soaked, so who noticed?  An interested black family stood on their front porch, drinking coffee, asking just what in the heck we were doing running in the rain.  YHC was not privy to this conversation, so sound off in the comments with a recap.

Mosey to Bevington Place.  Left turn.  Mary at Glynmoor Lakes Dr.  Continue mosey to Enclave Place.  Right.  Congregate at top of hill.

Partner Work

P1 runs Ballinard Lane circle (appx 1/4 mile)

P2 performs called exercise.  Merkins, Squats, WW2 situps.

Rinse and Repeat 3x.

Right on Bevington.  Right on Rea (this truly sucked).  Left into church parking lot.  10 Jump Squats OYO.  Mosey to Launch.

Mary, 10 Parker Peters IC, Done.


“This will be easy.”  “I probably won’t break a sweat.”  Sample text messages received by YHC on Friday night from F3 brothers who know not what they do.  As Wyatt Earp says in Tombstone, “You called down the thunder?  Well now you got it!”  YHC was not angry, perturbed, or agitated at the lack of respect; on the contrary, it was quite comical (as this particular text chain often is).  But, a well of determination quickly built inside YHC that would test the collective PAX mettle Saturday morning.  Quick review of previous YHC RZ Weinkes revealed many on campus Q forays dating back years, so it was time to venture off campus.  Five Knolls briefly beckoned, but YHC resisted the siren call due to recent bad memories of a Spackler-lead Anvil beat down on the Knolls.  No, YHC is not sadistic (although the last hill up Rea Rd possibly contradicts that statement).  Nevertheless, following are assorted observations and ruminations from yesterday’s fun filled Piper Glen excursion:

  • When playing backyard football, the standard rush count was 5 Mississippi.  Sometimes, this was modified to 3 Mississippi, and others, no Mississippi.  The latter was reserved for middle school behemoths who required 6 tacklers to bring him down, according to Horsehead.  When YHC played all time QB, 5 Mississippi resulted in multiple TD passes from the golden arm.
  • BLC rocked the sleeveless F3 shirt, and continues to execute flawless Merkin form.  Ageless.
  • Many black F3 shirts were on display, one of which was tucked in.  Strong showing.
  • Boonedock has gotten fast!
  • Proehl is ridiculously fast.
  • Clover is averse to meat and potatoes workouts which lack creativity.  Yet, he still shows up and puts in the work.
  • Bounce is lifetime President of the Mark Richt fan club.
  • McGee shirtless…. there are no words.
  • Hoover’s beard needs a name.

Solid work by the entire PAX on a not-so-easy workout.  YHC is honored to lead such a fine group of men as we all strive to get better in all areas of life.  Kudos to Geraldo for continued Site Q leadership, and for his acknowledgement that Joe Namath is indeed the greatest Bama QB of all time.

Announcements: Iron PAX, Blood Drive.  Check Twitter and Slack for details.

Takeout:  YHC.  Prayers for our divided nation.


What’s with the funny names

14 Pax showed up in the gloom to dance between slaps from Laura all wondering what this VQ was going to be. After consulting with assistant Q Gilbert into the late hours of the evening, the winkie was appropriately covered in packing tape then placed with spectacles, KEYS, wallet and watch. (were you expecting another W word?) Sleep was very restless and I should have never looked at the Exicon page for that long in Q prep! Some visuals you just cannot get out of the head before falling asleep. The final, conscious, thought before waking ahead of alarm was — “just lead them through the first exercise and the mosey to the second. Gilbert can drags you through it from there.”

Upon the 6:30 am chime from the clock tower a chatty, and overly detailed disclaimer was given while a late arriving Fiji secured his vehicle (something other than on top of the tire would be a better hiding spot for those keys!) Then off we went.

“And the thing went a little something like this…”

Circled up across from Best Buy to roll out an extended warm up that started with 20-count SSH and IW.  Q quickly because self aware of voice cracks on the cadence and slight dizziness from an over-aggressive attempt to observe the PAX. Surely nobody noticed, right? 15-count Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers and “Parky Peepers…err…Peaky Perkers…err…Party Peekers…NO…PARKER PETERS!!! concluded the active portion of the warm up. A 15 count “plank with knee in your ear hole stretch” on each side finished the warm up and started the Mumblechatter.

Mosey to Charlotte Medical Corner for “Crabby Bear Squatch!”:

Big and small bidirectional arm circles, windmills and toy soldiers prepped the joints,  and brief explanation of the exercise was given.

“Jog from here to there, then crab walk to first tree, bear crawl to the next, lung walk like a squatch to the next, repeat the pattern to end of parking lot, reverse direction but start with the bear crawl so you don’t repeat a section (confusion in PAX taking hold; but War Eagle understood and shared his knowledge of the order) then jog back to base when you get to end…Y’ALL JUST FOLLOW ME! PAX to call Mary while we waited on the six.

Debate on crab walk styles could be heard through the early mumblechatter but the preferred style is clearly forward. Q was pleased to hit first goal of maintaining lead but wasn’t sure if it was by using the ground as the great equalizer, or through mental confusion of the drill. Probably some of both but “sounds” of hard work in the breezy air led me to believe the winkie was holding.

Mosey to the Stairs for “Merkins Jacked Up and Over!”:

Q Goal 2 achieved by leading PAX on the mosey but I quickly started looking for Gilbert for backup. PAX arrived a starting point and received much more concise directions – 1 Merkin/4 Plank Jacks then a lap up and over the stairs. Round 2, 2 Merkins/8 Plank Jacks then a lap up and over the stairs. Continue adding by 1 and 4 until 5 Merkins/20 Plank Jacks achieved. Top it off with a final lap up and over the stairs. Mary while we waiting on the six.

Note to self — remind PAX next time to travel in the same direction to avoid possible awkward COVID contact at top of stairs.

Round 1 completed and I was gassed, but reports of Olaf dry heaving at the bottom of the stairs gave me encouragement for some reason. Round 2 concluded with Mighty Might doubled over at the stairs then away from the stairs to modify. “It’s not the sight of vomit, but the smell that gets to me,” he said. Guess Olaf has a site of vomit issue! PAX calling Mary provided me and introduction to the J-Loe (thx Midriff). In my oxygen depleted state, I introduced to PAX to the “Suzanne Sommers” when I unknowingly modified a Hello Dolly and let my heels drop to my hamstrings (good luck getting that visual out of your head).

Time check revealed that I had blasted through the second of three big sections too quickly and sought out Gilbert to call an audible (drag a heavy chain, throw out a boat anchor before heading to the fountains. Tagged my partner in.

Four corner Parking Lot Run :

Gilbert stepped up to lead the PAX through an assortment of air squats, jump squats, 5-burpees then 7-burpees (Kirby didn’t like where that was headed). But his spirits were quickly lifted by encouraging words from Mighty Might – “I’m not afraid to say this but Kirby has a very flat butt.” Laughter and more mumblechatter ensued as we got back on schedule.

Somewhere along the way War Eagle divulged that he has family genetics of a pregnant worm! You can follow up with him individually for more details.

Mosey to the Fountains for “Dippin Derkins!”:

“Whoever’s vomit that was sure ate a lot, it’s even down here” – anonymous “Probably had too big of a breakfast burrito before hot yoga” – Trickle.

Grabbed a section of wall around the circle and did 15-count single leg calf stretches before a double-cafe stretch for 15 that allowed my blood to re-oxygenate (that was not on the winkie). PAX then did 5 Derkins/20 Dips for round one, counting down by 1 and 4 until last round of 1 Derkin/4 Dips — yes OneStar, opposite of what we did at the stairs. Fair question!!! More PAX called Mary for heading for home.

Well I didn’t calculate that time right, we’re 10 minutes early:

Intended to have PAX call Mary until the end of time but rain started to set in and Q got rattled. Raid (from Area51) was reminded that the top to his car was open so another audible was called to run around Best Buy and Petsmart while I figured out what to do next. Probably should have headed toward Raid’s car like a good friend would have, but I panicked and went to the Best Buy side first. Raid rolled with it was heard saying “I don’t think the heavy stuff is coming down yet, let’s keep going.” Suggestions of “He should park it under the bank awning to get out of the rain” followed by “watch security come swarming at the site of a getaway car parked in the drive through” continued through the PAX

Rain increased rounding the corner of Petsmart so we pulled a 3rd (maybe 4th or 5th) audible and did curb step ups, step downs and downward lunges while Raid moved the car under the bank awning. Calf raises were optional and footwork coordination was minimal. A good sign the effort was strenuous enough for the group.  Raid’s car secured me got home and finished off with more PAX called Mary — including a formal round of Suzanne Sommers in cadence. VQ complete – raining heavily now and Chickenteria threatened (first time ever according to Soft Pretzel)

Announcements, takeout and final mumblechatter:

Raid shared that Area51 is hosting a competing Blood Drive (but details were drown out by roaring mumblechatter). Mighty Might reminded us of the SOB Blood Drive (details on Slack channel). Kirby shared F3 board insight about stressing that F3 is open to all men and ways to consciously reinforce that message. It’s on each of us act upon that goal individually and naturally.

Thank you to Raid for coming to support Q and for the takeout. Oddly enough the rain stopped during his takeout.


F3 Waxhaw – IPC – Saturday

Great work this morning pushing at the IPC fellas. Each of you will need to input your time into the site by visiting:

Your name is grouped together by Region and Waxhaw is at the bottom of the “F3 Name 3000-3999” section. Times are as follows, only in the order I wrote them down:

• Rusty Trombone 69:69

• Turnbucke 52:26

• Mad Dog 29:41

• Shop Dawg 27:22

• Fusebox 28:56

• By Pass 39:36

• Premature 27:59

• Rudy 35:14

• Breadbowl 31:15

• Motorboat 28:43

• Native 29:08

• Dirty Sanchez 31:14

• Centerfold 35:50

• Speed Bump 25:13

• Gerber 26:44

• Chainsaw 33:52

• Deep Dish 32:43

• Doughboy 31:55

• JWow 22:47

• Popeye 33:44

• Drive By 32:55

• Blue Screen 22:31

• Recalc 28:56

• Your Mom 11:53

  • Tool Time 21:32
  • Easy Button 26:26
  • Carb Load 28:24
  • Chicken Little 29:03
  • Sugar Daddy 29:38
  • Zinfandel 29:38
  • High Hat 30:17

Congrats to Tool Time for the Week Zero champion of the IPC for F3 Waxhaw with a time of 21:32. I was there and dude is a legit beast.


Modifying an exercise due to injury or ability is ALWAYS allowed. No one would argue that. If you are kind of doing the exercises but then modifying the count to be faster let’s look to finish it next week. Channel Glidah’s kind words about getting uncomfortable and pushing through our usual comfort zones. If you aren’t sore as hell you still had gas in the tank regardless of how hard you were breathing at the end.

This is You vs You challenge. You are either testing your continued progress or setting the bar for where you are in the start of your fitness journey. Keep going…

Overall everyone did great. I saw a lot of pain in those eyes this morning and I was right there on Wednesday completing that stupid thing. We got through it and we are, probably, better for it. Take a hot bath, roll those thighs and maybe take a short jog. Buckle up because day 2 is the worst and Monday morning will be hell.

Let’s Grow Today

Time for another Q. Swarm. I’ve been here and done this before but as I started planning a fresh new Weinke I discover I’ve been sucked into another “sub-group” of elite athletes, idiots, over achievers / dreamers. IPC season is upon us so why not put together a relay team to take down the top time in less than 24hrs? I generally haven’t said “No” to much of anything presented to me from this group so why not. See how distracted I became? I’ve already forgotten where I was going while writing up this BB… Anyway, I arrived on site at 3:30am about 4:50am to what looked like a news channel preparing for a local broadcast or crime scene investigation. Think two super bright light rings focused on part of the parking lot with a group of by-standards gathering. This was to be my pre-run I suppose. Call me Tool time, long story short, we came, we saw, we destroyed the top time by nearly a full minute. I had burpees because I like them. I also had one of the 400m runs which I generally enjoy but this one took me back to ’99 on the Piedmont Panthers track team when there was a real timer and it “mattered” and you couldn’t let your team down so I ran it. I ran it as hard as I could and actually felt the brain and body start to shut down on that final stretch to the finish line…..

5.18am… DiCCS let’s mosey.


.75 mosey around front of schools and around past stadium to first circle

Circle up – we were already warmed up so i selfishly took time to stop for a few minutes because i was still in la,la land from that 400

Dynamic warm up stretch
over head to toes walk out to plank
runners stretch arm to sky R, L
hill drops R, L alternating up to 20
maybe something else…

Mosey back to pick a rock for .25 boulder run

All x 10 reps

Corner 1 shoulders

Rock press

Dry docks

Corner 2 triceps

Curb dips

Rock OH extension

Corner 3 abs

Flutters 2 is 1

Rock curls

Corner 4 legs

Mtn climbers 2 is 1

Rock am hams

Complete laps until the rock travels back to start.

Mosey around and up to the picnic tables at back of high school for 3 rounds of
burpees x 5
BBs x 10
box jumps or step ups x 15
then AYG around Geeb Jungle

Recover then mosey to Transporter’s Shed, Rudy’s Outhouse etc
some type of evil suicide up and down the yellow brick rd
AYG up to first sidewalk on R then mosey back to start for 10 T plank push ups
rinse and repeat until Q calls audible to 10 shoulder taps back at the start and then up to COT

Still had a couple minutes left so i knew it was time for me to stop the madness and use them for me.


…..i don’t think I finally came back to reality from that opening 400 until we were running up and down the yellow brick rd. Not sure exactly where I went but I haven’t been there in a long time. I always like to throw some shout outs here but everything is such a blur please accept my apologies because I can’t seem to pull any together! I do know that everyone pushed really hard out there this morning and I’m seeing more PAX at Swarm, Ignition etc. that are taking those uncomfortable steps to break through into new territory and discover untapped potential. Don’t stop! We’ll do it together. It’s no secret I’ve been sharing a lot of thoughts and personal “stuff” with this group so we circled up back where most of us started the morning at the IPC relay start / finish. We took a knee and I let it go. 12 months have gone by already since I’ve made several changes in my life. Working on mental, physical, spiritual and relational challenges. IT’S. BEEN. HARD. But I’m growing. I’m seeing things come to the surface, beautiful things, positive things that I knew would eventually reveal themselves but just didn’t know what, when and how. I’m in a season of change, growth and discomfort. All in a good way. I won’t try to regurgitate everything here so just ask if you’d like to hear more or have a question about some of the things I’ve been doing that have helped provide guidance and support for me along the way. I’ll leave you with this though. Take a moment to lift your foot off the “gas pedal” of life and slow down enough or even stop to zoom out and see where you’re headed. We try to go 90 miles an hour all the time but what if you’re not heading in the right direction? Are you on a path to achieve your goals whatever they may be? Do you even have any written down? Look for areas where you can add margin to help in an area where you may be lacking. One of the best books and first books I read when embarking on my self improvement / personal development journey years ago is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy ( It really shows you how the smallest, almost unnoticeable, choices you make day in and day out can compound into massive results or a life of mundane, stagnant complacency. And we can choose what those are.


IPC is upon us. Looks like we’re going to continue the relay team formula just for kicks.

The Waxhaw region 1 year anniversary convergence celebration is on the calendar for Labor day. You have 3 guilt free flavors to choose from; bootcamp, 5k race and MASH. Doesn’t matter which one you pick, just pick one and show up at Cuthbertson!

YHC took us out.
Be intentional in all you do and say. Look for His guidance to ensure your words are kind and pure. Find the person you are meant to help or impact in a positive way.

#420 was the cadence and the prize

The Prep Work

YHC was stoked to get the nod from Tuck on my VQ, but knew the pressure was on.  Have you seen this guy run?  He runs before the run.  He asked the week after I survived his 7 of diamonds Q, so he must of thought I had some skill to lead The Brave.  In full disclosure, I woke up Sunday morning and planned my program and did the workout to ensure the key metrics were met……….minimum 4 miles and 60 minutes of work.  At least that is all that was in my head to accomplish……..There was way more.

The Exercises

8 men arrived for The Brave (several called out by me on Slack) to see what was in store for my VQ.  And thank you midriff for appreciating the call out.  fredo gave a 50/50 nod on the call out….haha.   So we left Gibson parking lot for more space and arrived by the AAA lot.  There was some SSH, Lo Slo Air Squats and Swimmers.  Not sure what that is?  Attend my next Q.  We will do some more.  At this point, 8 fine men, were extremely nervous and ready to question tuck on his choice.  Especially kirby.  The cadence was some of the worst.  soft_pretzel recommended watching some videos on cadence for these exercises.  Yes, in the moment, I was well aware of the poor cadence, but it was too late to step down.  Nor would I.  We did some side stepping on the parking lot lines and lined up for an Indian Run for 1.5 laps around the parking lot.  It was go time.

From there we bolted up Community House, but every two minutes we stopped and did 4 Air Squats, 2 Merkin and 0 Burpees.  Get it?  #420.  Once we reached Johnston Rd, I think there was some feeling of relief from the crew that they were going to get a work out in and everyone was still there……..On the way back down Community House we swapped the Merkin and Air Squats and remained at 0 Burpees.  We turned right after the Hampton Inn and entered the parking garage. I do not recall the exact words muttered by Taco_Stand, but it was something like “here comes the kick to the gut”….he can clarify, but I did feel good after hearing that.  Now it was time for the Burpees.  We did 10 Burpees and 10 Side Lunges rotating the exercises at each turn running to the top of the garage.  On the way down it was 10 Plank Jacks and 10 LBC’s rotating at each turn.  On the main level, there was a perfect lap to get to 50 of each so it was 10 Burpees at turn 1, then 10 Side Lunges at turn 2…… get it……

At this point, I think the crew was thinking we were headed back, but nope.  There was a perfect hill to sprint up right there in front of us, so 5 sprints up, walk down on the minute.  There was some real Rocky Balboa energy working up that hill and once everyone knew the 5th was the last, it was our fastest sprint.

We headed back at that point still with our #420 cadence and then arrived at the end of the Indian Run to run a lap backwards and then half of lap side shuffle and landed back at Gibson.

After a minute of plank, we did our count, showed respect and said a prayer.  Feedback was then given to me (much appreciated and glad I made it through) in prep for the next Q.  We could not end there, so I invited everyone to the car to grab a 6pk of SweetWater 420 and enjoy for the weekend.

I appreciate the support from the PAX.









Till the next time, enjoy your #420’s


Waxhaw Express Tuesday Edition

Another week, another round of speedwork.

6 pax

Dasher led us on 850m – 900m repeats x 6 after a mile warmup and mile cool down.

Kudos to Premature for getting outside his comfort zone today.  He initially said he couldn’t run the repeats faster than an 8 min mile and then proceeded to be challenged and ran the last two at low 7’s.  Well done!

We constantly have these “lies” in our head that tell us we aren’t good enough, fast enough, worthy.  Sometimes, as in the case, it’s a matter of pushing the boundaries and teaching yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable for growth.  That’s what it’s all about.

Golfers of the Future???

(Courtesy of Mayhem)
Brutus put out a late call last night for someone to queue Diesel this morning at 5:15 am.  Before I could think it through, I took the bait.
At 3:00 am this morning, I was staring at the ceiling, pondering how to spice it up.  Then it came to me, golf theme on steroids.
With putter, driver, sand wedge, astro turf, 8 foam balls, red solo cups, and pieces of paper with dreadful exercises in each cup, I headed out at 4:45 am to set up the course in the Diesel parking lot.  Brutus was already there.  Think he slept there last night.
Exercises (if the Lexicon is incorrect, asking for grace):
So here was the drill.  Solo cups were spread out throughout the parking lot.  Everyone stood behind a cup.  1 x 1, each F3 brother stepped up the astro turf, fluffed up the ball, and gave it a whack with a putter, driver, or sand wedge.  The closest person to the ball grabbed it.  Then, they reached into their respective cup and pulled out an exercise.  They got to call the number of reps, cadence, etc.  Here are some highlights:
Chastain was sweating profusely.  Someone wore him out yesterday.  He fought through it to make some great chips.
Native had great putting form.  Putt putt over the years has paid off.
Turnbuckle picked up the mat and grabbed the putter.  Only club he could use, as a natural southpaw.  Who knew?
Golden Plates was in the middle.  Needed a cup, as he was in the line of fire.
Bunyan was the most serious golfer.  Demanded quiet when he stepped up to the turf.
Penalty Box pulled out a hockey stick and went Happy Gilmore on us.  Not…but that’s what I envisioned.
No one intentionally hit to Posse, as he made us do overhead extensions until people dropped.  Finally, I had to call him out, as he was on a mission…for what, I don’t know.  J
Legalized ran to the turf when his turned rolled around.  Never seen him move so fast since the injury.  Must be a new passion.
Brutus had the best attire.  Sleeveless shirt.  Wouldn’t get on any course outside of Detroit.
Centerfold was a great timer.  When he chipped, he posed for 2 minutes.  Provided a great break.
Captain Morgans
Monkey humpers
Jane Fondas
Canadian beavers
Ditka haymakers, upper cuts, and jabs
Box cutters
Mini-mosey/walk around parking lot with coupons over head
Squats on coupons, sit down, raise feet, repeat
Coupon presses on six
Ax chops
I’m sure I forgot something.  Oh well…
Got some ideas with wiffle bats/balls, footballs, and cornhole boards for future queues if I’m asked.
In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m a sports junky.
Thanks for the buy in dudes.  Hope you enjoyed the morning.

Local “Karen” warns PAX of potential arrest

QIC: Circuit City

Pax: Mermaid, Margo, Chelms, Clover, Lorax, Point Break, Runstopper (R), Limey, Snuka (R), Bout Time, Uncle Phil, Kane, Thunder Road, Mayday, Jon (FNG), Matt (FNG)

17 PAX pulled up near the Amelie’s bakery as the temp and humidity was quickly rising. This was a Q that YHC has been looking forward to since Mermaid inquired a few weeks ago. This was going to be a site VQ. New turf to cover and shaky on the directions. More on that later. Also, YHC has been working on a few FNGs throughout Covid and was successful this morning as 2 of them showed up in the Gloom (Jon and Matt). Also, more on them later. YHC spent a little more time than normal on the disclaimer given the FNGs in attendance – one of which is a personal injury attorney. 0530 hit and off we mosey’ed to the parking deck at the high school.


Circled up just outside the parking deck. Standard issue including the leadoff SSH. Hops was not there to object or modify this call but the group that was there all obliged. Followed with IW, LSS, and Mountain Climbers. Enjoyed a final set of “shoulder tap Merkins”, which Mermaid was concerned YHC made it up on the spot. Not quite but could see where the choppy cadence counting and poor form would lead one to think that.

Dora 1, 2, but not 3

Split into 2 groups so we could spread out – using both of the 1st two stairwells. Partner up with someone you don’t normally or haven’t before. Our 2 FNGs partnered up, both of whom were getting after it!

  • 100 = Merkins; 200 = LBCs *** P1 = Run up the 3 floors of the deck and back down; P2 = Perform the exercises. Flapjack until we until the total count is complete. Meet in the middle of the two stairwells for Mary (Flutter and AH) when complete.

Mosey to Rock Pile on McMahon and Little Ave:

Here is where YHC’s poor navigation skills came in to play. We inadvertently took the long way around the Charlotte Catholic campus, instead of cutting through. Eventually, Mermaid helped guide YHC to the Rock Pile, however we are better having picked up the extra mileage.

    • Grab a lifting rock and cross the street to the CC Federal Credit Union. (Site of the soon-to-be Karen encounter)
    • 1st Round = 15 curls, 15 presses, 15 tri-ext.; run a lap around the parking when complete. Repeato.
  • 2nd Round = 15 bent over rows and 15 Romanian/Bulgarian/Yugoslavian/Lithuanian DLs.   Mumble chatter ensued over YHC potentially inaccurate description and demo of the RDLs. The intent was for a straighter leg position, lowering rock to the ground, and use your glutes and hammies to raise. Clover was convinced RDLs are with one leg at a time, Mermaid shared a different perspective, and Chelms rattled off a number of Central and Eastern European countries that might fit the move better. YHC still thinks the name and movement were accurately called.

Crawls and Lunges:

Line up abreast in front of bank facing McMahan. Bear crawl to curb and lunge walk back. Repeato. Here is about when we were paid a visit by an area “Karen”. Lorax and Point Break were our first line of defense to shield the rest of the PAX from the scolding for our supposed mischief. Despite an immediate threat that all of us could be arrested immediately, Lorax and PB did an admirable job deescalating Karen and she pulled away. After YHC confirmed we weren’t all going to jail, we did a round or two of crab walks and lunge walks. Some c-walked backwards while others forward. Pick your poison, me thinks.

Mosey back towards launch:

  • People’s chair on the wall with a total of 100 air presses (50 each round). Followed by 2 rounds of 20 calf raises on the curb and 10 merkins. Uncle Phil is certain he is going to feel the calf raises tomorrow.

Ye Ol’ Moleskin

From YHC’s short time posting at Centurion, numbers seem to be growing quickly! Thanks to Mermaid and Margie for their site-Q leadership, a big factor in increased participation.

  • 2 FNGs added to our ranks. Jon and his family have been close friends of ours over the past few years, starting when we coached our sons in baseball. Jon is a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Charlotte, so when Lorax called out the name “Erin Brockovich” it seemed like a winner. Welcome “Erin Brockovich”! Matt and his family have been friends of Jon’s and eventually ours over the past couple of years. YHC saw Matt this past Saturday and EH’ed him while enjoying an IPA or two together. Matt has 4 kids, 2 of which are into horseback riding. Matt owns two horses to support this family hobby. Runstopper helped guide us to the name “Seabiscuit”. Welcome “Seabiscuit“!
  • Monday A51 sites converging on Labor Day (9/7) at Basecamp at SCMS. Launch at 0700.
  • Thanks to Mermaid for the takeout.