Hot Humid Indian Land

Hot Humid Indian Land

3 PAX gathered for the Thursday Indian Land tradition known as The Arsenal. Here’s what we did.


Jog around the right side of ILES back to the bus lot for COP. Lots of stretching, the PAX talk a lot about how we don’t stretch enough and we got a good 5 minutes in, YHC was tight from Carb Load’s beatdown at Dromedary yesterday, being the QIC has its benefits.


Mosey towards the Middle School stopping at each light pole for 1 burpee, last minute audible to go to the front of the middle school. Time for modified blimps, with a lap around the car line loop between each exercise.

B – 5 Bombjacks

L – 10 walking lunges

I – 15 imperial walkers

M – 20 merkins

P – 25 Potato pickers

S – 30 squats

Gather up and mosey back towards ILES, with everyone taking a round of mary on the way. Using the same light poles as before 1 bombjack at each pole until you make it to the playground for 20 supine pullups and a lap. Head back around to the front of ILES and done.


Small crowd with summer vacations and such, but we covered almost 2.5 miles and got a good mix of exercises in. The stretching at the beginning was a nice change of pace and necessary.

Atlas with the double prerun before we got going and Happy Meal put in his usual strong work. Not my best between the humidity and soreness, but the show must go on.

As usual great AO and we hit some rare ground with the front of the middle school. If you haven’t been in a while check it out, reach out to Happy Meal or Brexit and take a Q.




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