Reminiscing The Brave

Reminiscing The Brave


Remember the OLD Brave? YHC does… barely. Good thing we have backblasts, so we can #relivethememories . Back in the day we’d run the Ballantyne Village parking deck, which is, um… tiny. We had guys from all different F3 regions come down to do the workout. We did sopping wet shirtless partner carries up steaming stairwells, well, Mario and YHC did.  We did AMRAPs and challenges, and week after week Q’s would try to crush the souls of PAX right before the weekend. There was no LSD on Saturdays which required tapering on Fridays.  If you wanted one of the toughest workouts in F3 Nation, you posted at The Brave. PERIOD.

Not sure why YHC mentions this, other than a stroll down memory lane. Truth be told, YHC wouldn’t be able to handle the old workouts anymore anyway.  But they were great memories… which is why YHC has written a backblast for 100% of the workouts Q’d, regardless if BB are en vogue or not.  Here are two of them from the archives…

12.24.16 – The Brave Backblast

12.24.17 The Brave Backblast

Anyway… back on track here. 9* brothers showed for YHC’s annual Q at The Brave for the past three years (according to WordPress history).  Let’s get on with this…


  • 0545 GO-TIME!
  • 0546 run back to get Tuck coming in hot… #BFF …  See Kirby out of the corner of our eye, and run faster away.
  • Obligatory Warmup Exercises: SSH / IW / mountain climbers
  • Head to basement of 8 story parking deck.  Wave hi to security guards or construction crew on the way down.
  • #1: Run flats, backwards ramps, 5 reverse burpees at each level, all the way to the top
  • #2: 3 laps around top level, 5 lunges each leg on each round.
  • #3: On the way down, stop at bottom of each ramp, AYG race to the top of the ramp, recover back down 2 levels, up ramp, rinse/repeat all the way to basement
  • #4: Back up the deck from the basement. Same thing. run flats, backwards up ramps, but 5 group dragon flags at each level
  • #5: Sprints at the top of deck up the ramp until someone beat* Mario… this took a few tries.
  • Mary at the top while we watch the sunrise
  • Head back to launch, ask Kirby where he was
  • 0630 FINITO!


Couple of morning musings…

  • Midriff is faster with a mullet-stache. Grow them back.
  • Kirby says he LOVES backward runs up the deck.  YHC believes him, but he must love sleep even more since he was 4 minutes late and missed everything but COT.
  • Taco Stand’s tummy is the secret sauce to outsprinting YHC. However, he almost gave up his rice and beans at the end of them.
  • Teddy and Fallout found the source of the Wuhan Flu in the deck…. a giant pile of bat feces that we decided to do reverse burpees and dragon flags next to. Noted here for contact tracing purposes.
  • YHC tried to sabotage Tuck & Hazmat’s Saturday morning legendary #BFFrun by pounding the leg work in advance. Love you guys
  • And poor Mario just didn’t have it today… and couldn’t beat anyone in the sprints up the ramps. We gave him multiple head starts and attempts. You’re getting old young buck. 28 is the new 50.


  • SAVE THE DATE: 08.06.2000 Next Thursday.  The F3 Nation one-night-only premiere of “No Man Left Behind” The story of Growruck 17: Pinehurst, a 47minute documentary produced by YHC. Follow F3 Nation Youtube Channel or Facebook page to watch.  Here’s the railer to get you hyped up:


  • TCLAPS to Kirby, Strawberry, Bratwurst, and everyone else YHC didn’t mention for their participation and support of the HIMPACT LOCAL 5K. Leading isn’t easy, and these guys stepped up (as usual) to make it happen. Thank you.



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