Bad Idea’s All Around

Bad Idea’s All Around

16 brave souls followed me into the gloomy morning dew to find our comfort zone and move passed it. (some more than others)

DiCCS Delivered and reminded the PAX to stay together as we cross HWY 75 (S. Main St.) a total of 4 times during the workout. Proceeded to tell the PAX we were going to Open House at the schools around town…


Mosey from COT to Sports Court behind S. Providence School for – IW IC X 20, Plank it up for Merkin X 15 IC, Calf Stretch L/R, Downward/Upward Dog, (This is where Rudy had to make a quick trip to the conveniently-placed port-a-potty over at the Shotgun houses near the school)


For the first bad idea of the day, Mosey to the other side of the school and find some wall for 11’s with 1 DK and 10 MT up/down to 10/1. Stopped at half way mark bc I was smoked to check if Rudy was back yet. (Nope) Let’s finish it! (All while thinking… “What the heck is Rudy doing in there?”). Rudy rejoined somewhere during the last few sets so all present and accounted for.

Next up – AYG up Bad Idea (Second bad idea of the day) Mary for the SIX when you get there.  Thanks Ice 9!

Mosey to last loop of cemetery near entrance and do four corners. First round do 10 Peter Parkers at each corner, Round 2 Merkins X 10, 3 BBSU or V-Ups and Mary for the SIX. Thanks again Ice 9!

Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary and start at farthest corner of front parking lot next to Hwy 75 and AYG to other side (long side) and BC around curbed curve (or bend for clarity…) back through the middle isle and repeat BC around curve and AYG to the opposite corner from where we started. We did reverse back to other corner but this time we Lunge Walked X 10 each leg around the curves.

Last (and worst bad idea of the morning) – Mosey from Waxhaw Elementary to crosswalk for Pedestrian bridge (~1.0 Mi). Mary for the SIX. Thanks for leading it one last time Ice 9!

Cross over pedestrian bridge (SHOOT! 2 mins left!) Find a curb on East N. Main St. for – 20 Dips and 20 Curb Jumps Ups/Step Ups and then AYG to COT.


All in all, I think the Pax that joined YHC this morning got something out of the workout. Everyone was sweating at least… (Of course getting out of your car and standing for 5 minutes would make one sweat in this humidity so…) By the way… When Shake N Bake is given a choice rather than a yes or no question, his answer is still an emphatic “NO”!


3 significantly similar but separate times for 3rd F with Open Door on the weekends. Join and lead if you are so inclined or just participate in the discussion so you can get to know your fellow PAX on another level.

Thank you to Foundation for stepping up to Co-Site Q THE Floater with YHC. Really appreciate the help getting solid Q’s for each workout.

Welcome (Formally) Shake N Bake (NO) to your new role as Co-Site Q for THE Floater! (We needed a reason for him to post more often so why not ask him to Q a site???) Kidding aside, (Not really) I welcome you to the #87thworstF3AO in all the world and I’m sure with your leadership skills you will get it to #88 eventually…

A Few great options for workouts this Friday with Dasher on Q at Swarm, Doughboy on Q at Impromptu and YHC is at Cerberus if you want to venture out of the bubble a bit…

YHC took us out #CTG


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