Soggy bottom boys

Soggy bottom boys

10 men rose from the fart sack to take the DRP on a moist hump day morning.

YHC arrived a tiny bit early to scope the terrain. Luckily, Calvary hadn’t moved anything.

Disclaimed and already sweating we launched.

Mosey one lot over for COP. IC – SSH x 20, Squat x 20, IW x 20, Merkin x 10, CDD x 10

All warmed up we hit the rock pile by the baseball field. Grab a manly pressing rock and circle up. Civilian count Curls, Overhead Press and Tricep extensions. Set 1 x 20 / run down around light pole. Set 2 x 15 / run. Set 3 x 10. Drop the rocks off at the pile. But wait, there’s more. Superset with smaller rock. 50 x Curl, Press and Tris. #smoker Deposit rocks in pile and mosey to the hotbox.

Leg work OYO: 3 sets of 10 jump ups, 10 split squats and 10 side step ups (Tks for the third exercise Puddin’) then run down soccer field sidewalk and back up between sets. Plank up when done.

Mosey out front to the circle entrance. Grab a less aggressive rock for some ab work. 3 sets of  LBC rock press, American Hammer and Flutter Press with a lap around the circle between each set. 20, 15 and 10 reps per set. Drop the rocks and mosey back to the launch with a little flyby of the Meathead PAX. They have gained quite a following.

Line up abreast at bottom of launch lot for 10 WWII sit-ups and all u got to the cars. Mosey back down for one more round. That’ll do it.

NMM: Haven’t been out to a workout in quite a while. It felt good to be among the PAX again. I dusted off my Q skills and we had a good time. To say it was humid is an understatement. We were all very moist by the time we got around to the ab work. Sweat angels were in full effect on the pavement. Lorax was missed, most were huffing and puffing and Clover was “chatty”. I recall breweries, shows and a pseudo cross fit work out conversation. Thanks for having me and reminding me to get my six out to more workouts. We are made for fellowship with other men.

Announcements: Nothing new in A51.

Prayers: Runstopper’s brother – health concerns

Stay strong and healthy during this trying time.

Pudding Pop with a strong take out.

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