Record numbers at SWOLE

Record numbers at SWOLE

12 pax posted on a sticky July morning for swings and other assorted goodies. After an admittedly weak disclaimer (hey, at least I remembered one!), we launched into the Warm Up:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC

On to the Main Event:

  • 15 swings followed by 5 presses on your non-dominant side (alternating to dominant next round) and 5 goblet squats. Recover until the 2:30 mark
  • 35 swings followed by 15 explosive merkins. Recover until the 4:30 mark

We did 4 sets and on the 5th set, we combined the swings into 1 set of 50 swings, followed by 5 presses per side, 5 squats, and 15 merkins. #crowdpleaser

We then did 1:00 overhead carries (switching to suitcase when you wear out) with 1:00 recovery, twice with each arm. Elbow plank for a little over a minute to finish it off.


  • The Impact Local 5k/10k raised $4,500 on 7/17, which will be distributed to 5 different charities. Keep an eye out for a backblast and thanks to all that contributed. Kirby and Strawberry did a great job of organizing it and getting the word out.

Naked Man Moleskine:

  • Great turnout for a Monday morning with 1 FNG (Tri Delt, née Mike J.). He was a fraternity brother of Madison’s, hence the sorority nickname that Frehley’s came up with. We also had a kotters with The Worm joining us. Another recent gear junkie, Beetlejuice made his 2nd or 3rd gear post after getting EHed to bells at the RockZero COT a couple of Saturdays ago. The rest were regulars that were getting after it as per usual. Wild Turkey got there early to jump rope and Unplugged did his “old man yoga.”
  • This program looks easy on paper, but really builds up over 5 rounds. If you’re finding it’s not challenging in the last couple of rounds, reach out to one of the regulars about borrowing a larger bell.
  • If you’ve got feedback on the program or would like to Q (the weinke is pretty straightforward), please reach out to Mighty Mite or YHC.
  • Thanks for posting and allowing me to Q. The pleasure was all mine.



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