Hey Sprockets…where are you going??

Hey Sprockets…where are you going??

An even 20 for this weeks addition of Hawks Nest (remote edition).  After 12 days being out of touch in the woods of northern WI, I emerged more rested and slighlty out of shape, as I did nothing but consume beverages and snacks.  Enough about me, lets find out what happened to Sprockets….more on that.  GPS hit 5:30, no FNG’s, weak disclaimer and we were off.


Warm Up

Head out the parking lot, around the DD back to the far lot for a short bit of ladder work


The Thang

Of Course we hit the appetizer- SSH x15 / IW x15 …what can I say, love the oldies, but then hit main course

Ladder beginning at 10 reps down to one

6 count Burpee / Monkey humpers / LBC  / Merkins


Mosey to the Church with the rocks…near DD

Some ab work to have the group catch up


Rock work

Grab a lifting rock and line up at the first light.

Curls, Triceps ext, Squats all x15 and then hold rock over head to the next light and drop rock. Back peddle to first light and back to rock //Repto 4 lights in total

Some ab work in between

Mosey to the Harris Teeter fountain


Fountain work

Incline merkins x10 / Decline merkins x10 / Bulgarian split squats x10 each leg / Dips x20  after each round run around nearest bush and  repto 2 more times


Finish up with some AB’s to kill the clock and head back to launch….well, Sprockets did an all out, but too where???


Announcements: None

Take Out: Thank you Snow Flake


Ye Old Moleskin:

– Thanks for Hopper and Hops for putting me on the Hawks Nest schedule- would be great to actually see Hops, but whatever, his better half was there

-So glad I had the Q today, I am sure I would have fartsacked this morning away otherwise

-For the ladder work, some refused the Burpees in the beginning….hell, some of you may have refused them the whole time.  I was to busy counting and trying not to F’it up. You be the judge and comment…if not, I did an awesome job.  Much better then the last time I did this in SOB land

-Thanks Duct Work (also not in the Pax this AM), but apparently he really liked the Rock work from 2 weeks ago which he recycled from my DMZ q 2 weeks ago.  I guess some of you that showed up at Rock Zero over the weekend already saw this.  Sorry, no BB, so I don’t believe you..and we did it again

– Lastly, yes Geraldo…technically the fountain work was 4 exercises, but rather then listening to, “you called for 20 Bulgarian split squats, is that 20 per leg?” I said it was 3 – 10 per leg

-We only covered 1.7 miles, but that felt longer today with the humidity

-Did you think I forgot about the Energizer Bunny..Sprockets??  So I hit him up mid day today to check on him.  You see when I said, “lets go back to home”, he shot off like a rocket and before we knew it, he rounded the corner at the HT and was never seen again.  But where did he go and why?  Well, early speculation was he had a code Brown and based on the speed, plausable!  Some quietly thought he lost his mind and went to the wrong “home”- Hydra/ OP- but who would do that?  Honestly, I was behind him and yelled his name 2-3 times, but like a hunting dog chasing his prey, Sprockets heard none of that and headed back to OP.  Based on the text message, he was at Hydra doing pull ups waiting for us.  Seriously dude, you are not that fast.  Also, who calls an all out from HT back to OP @6:14…kinda a long run.  Either way, eventually he figured out that today was Tuesday and ended up coming back to HT to pick up his boys to run home.  PLEASE NEVER LET HIM FORGET THIS!  Honestly this was so funny on so many levels.

-Always a good morning to be out in the gloom.  Have a great week!


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SprocketsPosted on12:03 am - Jul 29, 2020

Your Honor, the defense would like to cross-examine the defendant…
Sprockets, surely you have some logical explanation for your actions this morning… 1) Perhaps you saw the bat signal in the dark morning sky and knew someone was in distress and in need of your assistance? 2) Perhaps you had a sixth sense that your 3-yr-old was stirring from her slumber and that you must get home immediately to run interference so your sweet overworked M can enjoy a few more minutes of rest? 3) Perhaps your hyper sensitivity sensed an earthquake in California swallowing the car containing a loved one, and the only solution was to run so fast the earth would reverse its rotation and you could literally turn back time? Any of these scenarios is more plausible than simply forgetting the launch point of a morning workout… I mean really, who would believe that?

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