Like fine wine or whiskey, good backblasts take time

Like fine wine or whiskey, good backblasts take time

Beaver sent this BB to me minutes after the workout, but it was to my work account which sits inside a WordPress-proof firewall.  So I emailed it to my home account and got to it as quick as I could remember.  Which is lame, I know.  But at least I got er done (finally).  So with apologies to Beaver, and no further ado, I give you the long-overdue Gumby BackBlast!!



Warm up:

Sitting hamstring and calves stretches – varietals

Butterfly stretch

8 Brocades (Ba Dua Jin) Qi Gong practice –

  • Two Hands Support the Heavens
  • Wise owl turns its head to eliminate fatigue
  • Bending over and wagging the tail to calm heart fire
  • And another one


The Thang:


Sun Salutation (x3)

  • Arms reaching overhead
  • Full fold (heavy body)
  • Up to halfway lift
  • Into plank
  • Down into up dog/cobra
  • Move into Down dog (walk the dog)
  • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
  • From full fold to mountain

Back to Mountain

Begin Sun Salutation until Plank

  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Peaceful Warrior (repeat warrior flow on other side)
  • Starfish

Pigeon – both sides

Brocade – forward fold, with backward stretch at top

Standing/Stretch to Corners Pose – Right and Left

Dead Pigeon

Happy Baby




Today’s Gumby was mostly easy stretching and included a bonus stretch at the end!


Great to see Taquitos and Cocktail!  It was an honor to lead.


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