Planning is Overrated

Planning is Overrated

13 men did manly things.

  1. Jog to the rock pile… curls, overhead press, tricep extension… two sets of each
  2. Jog down to the courtyard area… standard warm up… SSH, IW, Squat, Merkins
  3. Jog to the “side road” on the far side of the church complex… for a mixture of 300-yard sprints and recover jogs… with some squats and merkins sprinkled in
  4. Jog to the small interior parking lot… split into two teams… alternate hot laps around the parking lot with dips, incline merkins, LBCs
  5. Jog to the launch parking lot for three sets of People’s Chair, then close out with a round of merkins


Yes, it’s true… I planned the workout during the drive this morning.  My primary objective was to keep us moving, and we ended up covering 3.2 miles.

Great to see a mix of old timers and new-ish guys.  Even one FNG… Butterball.

I know Bulldog would haver rather that we do 1,000 merkins, but I’m just not conditioned for one of those arm/chest blaster workouts yet.    This was my fist visit to Kevlar in over a year… site is going strong.  Some things never change… Bulldog still has a British accent; Big League Chew still sounds like Barry White; Horse Head is still a country boy savant.

Great to workout with you lads today.


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