Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings

9 veteran PAX made the solid decision to begin this week on a high note and post at Base Camp, held weekly at South Charlotte Middle School, 0530 sharp.  None of that 0600 “summer schedule” nonsense.  Real PAX post at 0530.  YHC rolled into the SCMS parking lot in plenty of time for witty pre-Q banter, including asking Sardine why he was stretching his calves 75 feet away from anyone else.  Social distance to the max, my friend?  He actually said the words, “I think it feels cooler this morning.”  Not sure which planet you are currently living on, sir, but the gloom has been a buck nasty humidity slog for weeks on end, and this morning was no exception.  Disgusting.  The worst disclaimer EVER was given, and off we ventured into the South Charlotte swamp…

Mosey to the preschool parking lot next door.


Mountain Climbers, LSS, Peter Parkers, IWs, Parker Peters – all x10 IC.  Finished w/ a quick stretch which exposed a severe lack of balance amongst several PAX.

Mosey down Strawberry, Left on Woodfox.  Jump Squats (or Merkins) x10 at the lone speed hump.  Continue to end of Woodfox where we stopped for Merkins (or Jump Squats) x10.  Left on Woodfox.  Congregate at bottom of Rising Meadow.

Triple Nickel (you know, you love it) – Heels to Heaven at top, Plank Jacks at bottom.  Mary to wait on the 6.

Mosey back to Woodfox.  Staggered arm Merkins, 10 ea. hand OYO.

Mosey to SCMS rock pile.  Grab a respectable lifting rock.

OH Press, Curls, Triceps – x10 IC.  Hot lap around the baseball field.  Mary.

Upright rows, Front shoulder raises, Sumo Squats – x10 IC.  Ditto.

Replace rocks.

Mosey to launch.  0615 on the dot as told by the non-smart Timex Indiglo sans glo.


Solid effort by the group today notwithstanding 3,000% humidity, COVID, Social Unrest, mentally deranged school board, and a general sense of WTF about life in America these days.  Thunder Road almost overslept and Sardine consumed many cervezas Sunday night, but on balance the PAX was ready to go.  Circuit City and Mr. Magoo joined YHC up front today, so obviously the Q Juice was flowing because YHC is NEVER up front.  This fact threw Clover for a loop as he uttered, “it’s not a race” during Triple Nickel.  True dat, but YHC is racing an expanding waistline and aching joints, so YHC will ride the pain free Q wave as often as possible and enjoy it.  Limey seems concerned that he may not ever see his St. Louis customer again due to COVID travel restrictions.  In the words of the American Airlines CEO, “For God’s sake, fly.”  Flo Jo and Floor Slapper punched the clock today and got it done.  Did not hear much mumble chatter so feel free to chime in and enlighten the group.

Many thanks to Thunder Road and Mr. Magoo for handing YHC the reigns today.  It is and always will be an honor to lead such fine men.


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