Where’s my office?!

Where’s my office?!

A veteran group of pax mustered at Basecamp this morning.  Semi-gloss, who needed to take care of some paperwork in his office, was LIFO, but oddly enough – kept his shirt on the entire schweaty workout.  Strange Brew started the workout shirtless, only to put a shirt on after COT.

Anyhoo, after a weak disclaimer that included a warning to avoid the construction at SCMS, the pax launched into the soupy south CLT gloom.

Ye Olde Moleskinny Thang:

We ran down to the track for a lap then to midfield for COP.  Already much mumble chatter and complaining about actually being on grass – Spackles, Clover & Gloss were fulfilling that role as per the norm.  We did some stuff including the broken sprinkler.  Then up to the rocks near Gloss’ office for 3 circuits of rock work and some bear crawls which 1/2 the pax refuseniked, some did other exercises, some did nothing.  Strong work.

Then back to the track for some four corners and some Mary in between – CCD’s, Merkins, Jump Squats at the corners.

Did some parking lot work after that while avoiding being run over by a backhoe.  Burpee broad jumps and some more Mary.  Finito.

Sundry observations:

  • Didn’t recognize Limey without the molestache…but glad that thing’s gone.
  • Jet Fuel was well-tucked, and actually did most of the called exercises.  Much obliged.
  • Geraldo admitted he’s never done side-plank work with R/L leg high as he would fall on his face.  #shortmanadvantages
  • Brew said there’s only 7 cases of Corona in his home province…might have been more than that in COT this morning.  But I feel pretty good about our chances of survival.
  • Point Break, newly dubbed co-site Q at Anvil, was not optimistic about school reopening next month.
  • Snuka continues to be an ageless wonder.
  • Some dude showed up on the track for liquor-cycle (pronounce ‘sickle’) practice at 0600…weird.  Spackler was taking copious mental notes.
  • Thanks to Magoo & Thunder for tapping YHC to Q.  Hadn’t been to SCMS in sometime, perhaps not since the Death Valley funeral.
  • #makebackblastsgreatagain

One editorial comment: It’s easy to bitch & moan these days, but try practicing gratitude.  If you don’t think you’ve got reasons for which to give thanks — give me a call.  I’ve got several for you.


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3 months ago

Solid Q, Hops, with your standard 2.0 miles or less coverage in true boot camp fashion. Downhill bear crawls are terrible, hence, refusenik. Uphill bear crawls….tolerable. Burpee broad jumps should be permanently banned from F3. How’s that for gratitude??
On a semi serious note, I am grateful for the F3 brotherhood and your leadership, but not so for Semi’s wet flatulence. Disturbing.

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