If you want me to Q, be advised we are going to LC

If you want me to Q, be advised we are going to LC

On Wednesday night, I got tapped on the shoulder and was told that Rock Zero needed a Q.  I believe Geraldo was begging, but I tend to read too much into texts.  Either way, I have never Q’d Rock Zero…nope almost 8 years and never Q’d.  Would I fail? Would the Pax point and laugh?  It was completely possible!  However, with minutes before 0700, 6 of us were wondering…”Where is everyone?”  Well, 0700 and off we went, but wait here comes Levi on all 4 wheels (should have been 2, your late) And then there is Flipper, we caught him on the warm up.  We knew we had at least 1 pre runner and “someone” should have run faster or watched the clock, but Mr GQ was now going shirtless all morning #distracting.  Now that we had 8 off we went.


Warm up

Run to the Rock pile for a lifting rock.  Had to pause here, because this group needed more time to warm up: SSH x15 / IW x15 and we were warm


The Thang

The plan was 3 stations (1st in full sun)

Curls x20 / Tri’s x20 / Squats x20 / 5 rock burpees ..then hold rock over head to the next station (in the shade)

Repto then move closer to the rock pile (in the shade) Repto and return you rock when finished


At this point I think I began to hear some rumbling (I sense some of the Pax knew where we were headed) as we made our way to the entrance of the LC (White Gate neighborhood)

I believe we did some Mary prior to instructions.


There are 3 culd-a-sacs, 30 LBC’s and either 20 hand release , wide are hand release or diamond (chest to ground).  We hit all 3 as a group, with Diamonds, then wide arm, then normal.


And at this point it was clear, the Pax wanted out of the LC without visiting the main event, but we have come so far.  So I shook off the background noise (turn left, your other left) so down the hill we went to the base of the hill.  Did a few more Mary while we waited and then instructions were given


LC: There are  6 driveways on the left.  Run to the first driveway and backpedal to the base.  Run to the next driveway, back peddle to the first driveway and the run to the base. So combination of running up the hill, backpedaling and recovery run down. See Ye’ Old Moleskin for my commentary on this.


Once were were done, we mosey’d back stopping along the way for various planking, Mary while we headed to the hot box.  On the way to the hot box, we noticed that there was someone enjoying a good book, so we skipped that, did some more Mary and headed to the front of the church by the benches


At the benches, 3 rounds: 20 Dips and 15 (each leg) Bulgarian Split Squats.  Between each set, run around the tree.


Headed back to the parking lot (shaded part) for 3 more minutes of Mary and we were done!


Announcements: As Covid is getting closer and closer to our inner circles, Flipper shared a story about it hitting close to home.  Although he is good, he has a few members of his family and including some grandparents at risk.  Additionally, Run Stopper has had some heavy news lately.  Starting with his youngest getting injured on some burly quest/hike that he just started.  He is OK, but will need time to heal.  Additionally, he has a bother that just received some bad news regarding cancer.  Please lift these guys up when you see them and others around you.  The world can seem dark these days, be someones light.


Ye Old Mole Skinny

-Thanks to Geraldo for hitting me up last minute.  It was hard to say no as I just told him to put me in the rotation.

-I had said to him a week or so out, if I Q rock, were are going to the LC.  So when he tapped me to Q, he knew exactly where we were going

-Speaking of the LC, glad I got to introduce the little hill to Levi and Mr Magoo.  Neither had been there and Levi said that he sort of enjoyed the new territory…your welcome

-As for the LC, full participation was mildly received.

– Towards the last few rounds, a few guys decided to that they had not had enough Mary and just stopped running the hill.  No worries, that hill is a lot to digest

-Little FYI..when you do your warm up in the full sun you will probably hear some complaining…man right off the bat the Pax begain to complain

-I have been impressed with Geraldo recently as he is coming out of Covid on top of his game, maybe not feeling it today, but we all have days like that, hand in there

-Flipper is in beast mode, with all his technology, hopefully he gets a watch that get him to the launch on time

– Mermaid, Captain ,were just getting work done today

-Voodoo was working hia KB’s solo today #strong.  Made sure to say, HI a few times

-So again, my VQ at Rock Zero is no more.  This is a good site with lots of area to cover.

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MermaidPosted on7:38 pm - Jul 11, 2020

Good Q Curd. Who is Marvel?

Cheese CurdPosted on7:46 pm - Jul 11, 2020

Dang…I had Captain in the Pax, but when I was typing comments, I said Marvel. My error has been corrected. Thanks!

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