Never Quit!

Never Quit!

8 people showed up for Diesel

The Thang

  • Deck of cards exercises. Suit dictates the exercise and the number is the rep count
  • Diamonds = Merkins – Total reps – 85
  • Clubs = Crab Dips – Total reps – 85
  • Spades = Lat Raises – Total reps – 85
  • Hearts = Axe Chop – Total reps – 85
  • Grand Total= 340 reps
  • Around the circle, PAX name the exercise and the count
  • Exercises included but not limited to: Speed Skaters, American Hammers, Squat Thrusters, Shoulder Presses, Monkey Humpers, Big Boi Sit Ups, Chest Presses, Planks, Fast Feet? (running in place shuffle step thing), Lunges, and probably some more



  • Blood drive – July 23rd from 9am to 1pm at Weddington Methodist Church – Sign up NOW –
  • Site Q School – July 18th, 6:30 at Cuthbertson Middle – Sign up NOW –
  • Q School – July 25th, 6:#0 at Cuthbertson Middle – Sign up NOW –


Prayers for Centerfold’s wife for a quick recovery from her surgery. Prayers for two fellow F3 members diagnosed with Covid-19

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