Never, Ever Leave Your Wingman

Never, Ever Leave Your Wingman

I showed up to Q without a Weinke on my wrist to guide me and I screwed up the Warm-up (Appreciate the call-out by Deadwood). I did have a Weinke in my head but the fact that I have CRS came into play… Not only did I miss the first marker but it seems that when I said “let’s Mosey”, there were some PAX who didn’t hear me and got a little behind. We ended up together but I was nervous we may have to turn around and start over. Everyone caught up and so we went…


Burpee Ladder down the back of the MS sidewalk for a burpee ladder stopping at each light on the left for 1,2,….., 8 Burpees. Total of 36 Burpees. (If Bottle Cap had posted, we would have added a 9th stop but he didn’t so the PAX that posted got a reprieve. You’re Welcome…). What better way to warm the body up than to do 36 burpees from the start? So we circled up at the Shed and did Downward Dog, Calf Stretch L/R, Upward Dog, Jimmy Dugans C/L/R/C  and Runner’s Stretch L/R.


Grab a lifting Rock and partner up (Or pair up with the person the Q assigned to you). Partner 1 runs to sidewalk by Softball field and back while partner 2 does Curls the first round, shoulder presses 2nd round, rows 3rd and Tricep Ext 4th. Return Rocks to their original place…

Mosey to Traffic circle between MS/HS for 7’s – Starting at top circle run down to bottom circle for 1 BBSU and return to top for 6 Diamond Merkins all the way up/down to 6 BBSUs/1 Diamond Merkin.

Mosey to 1st alcove on North Side of HS for MT/DK web from 1/4 up to 5/20. (The original plan was to go all the way to 10/40 but don’t Q what you can’t do…)

Mosey to front entrance of HS and find a bench for 25 dips, 20 Jump ups/Step Ups, 15 Derkins, 10 Reverse Plank Knee Ups, 5 Burpee Jump ups with Hot lap around drop off circle between each exercise. Rinse and Repeat for a second round.

Mosey to MS Admin parking lot for four corners. At each corner stop for 10 reps of called exercise. 1st we did American Hammers IC, 2nd Flutters IC, 3rd LSSq IC and ended with Walking Lunges 1=1.

AYG back to COT and done!


Fuse Box getting into a new comfort zone with the more-mileage-longer workouts. (Keep pushing bro!). Pre-mature is drinking the Kool-Aid and getting faster every week (Caught him doing a pre-run). Good to see Deadwood back out with us after few days away with work commitments. Ice-9 posting regularly in his own region and showing us what it is to push beyond your limits. Dasher and Glidah displaying what hard work does to your love handles when you run the Waxhaw Express for 8 weeks (hint: they melt away). Rubbermaid (Respect!) out there with the Youngins and showing us that age is just a number.


First time Weinkeless Q. (Not that I didn’t have a Weinke but that I didn’t carry it on my wrist like usual). Tough for me to remember but I had it all worked out in my head before hand. Seems like I got it all in but in hind site, will print and carry with me in the future. I did have to call an audible due to the Impromptu PAX using the benches at the MS cafeteria but that is to be expected when 2 workouts share the same AO. We improvised, adapted and overcame.  Glad to be asked to lead this workout. No mileage minimum but we hit just over 4 miles with those who picked up the Six logging 4.25 or more. We stayed together and had some mumble chatter about the second round of 25/20/15/10/5 but we all pushed through and finished.


See BB for Impromptu

Rudy took us out




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