Old SCHOOL Floater

Old SCHOOL Floater

11 Men went back to school at The Floater.  As one of the original Site Qs (along with Moneyball), I might be a little biased, but downtown Waxhaw is my favorite AO.  Lots of unique options and the traffic scenery is much different than our typical AO.


  • DCCS given with emphasis on Safety . . . Guys, we are getting a little lax with reflective gear.  #LockItUp #BlackIsNotVeryReflective
  • Mosey to basketball court by school for typical exercises some yoga and a new exercise (one arm Plank with other elbow tapping the ground)


  • Partner up
    • P1 runs lap around racetrack
    • P2 does up and overs on uncomfortably high cement block
    • Repeat x 2
  • Partner up
    • P1 does supines
    • P2 does Diamond Mike Tysons
    • 4 Rounds (20, 15, 10, 5)
  • Partner up
    • P1 does arm hang knee ups
    • P2 does 5 up and back burpees
    • Repeat x 2
  • Mosey until you can smell the bacon at bottom of hill
    • At each telephone pole, 1 burpee and 5 knee ups
  • Mosey to Main Street Half Wall (aka “The Full Goodfella”)
    • 20 Heel touch box jumps
    • 20 Derkins
    • 10 Heel touch box jumps
  • Mosey to COT
    • 30 seconds of Have a Nice Day


  • OF COURSE I was going to keep the streak alive . . . Derek and I started that stupid thing . . . Almost 2.5 years of Backblasts every single week . . . #NotOnMyWatch
  • It feels like the Respects are starting to outnumber and even outwork the younger guys . . . Well done Hot Yoga, Surge, Sugar Daddy, Recalculating, Rockwell (Recalculating Jr.)
  • Easy Button realized that only doing the Waxhaw Express workouts makes his arms start looking like mine . . . I hope ClyentDinner used some rocks tonight
  • Chastain thought he found a shortcut by running the racetrack backwards . . . How did that work out for you?
  • Twinkle Toes is very honest.  He actually asked if his butt should be resting on the wall during the arm hang knee ups . . . #DontAskJustModify
  • Carb Load does a great job as Site Q . . . Pinging me during the week to see how he could help and then always looking out for the 6 during the workout.  #SiteQCampCounselor
  • Oh Yeah, I can’t forget about Loafer.  Oh Yeah, he left early but Oh Yeah, he put in a lot of effort.  #SubtleOhYeahsThroughoutWorkout #SomeOfThemSoundedDirty
  • SAFETY:  As we get more traffic in the mornings, let’s yell at encourage PAX to wear something bright and/or reflective.  #QsLeadByExample


  • Q School and Site Q School:  July 25 and 18th respectively.  Participate and stop leaching off of F3 . . . Get involved
  • Blood Drive . . . Thursday July 23rd.  See NewsChannel and/or Fuse Box for more details . . . Give a pint, get an antibody test

Prayer for Goodfella and his wife as they are back in hospital for more observation.

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