Impact Local 5k/10K Preblast!

  • When:07/18/2020
  • QIC: Strawberry and Kirby

Impact Local 5k/10K Preblast!

Impact Local 5K / 10K

We always wondered how many 5K/10K races happen in any given weekend around Charlotte. Before Covid-19; numerous Pax entered and ran these races consistently. And we supported each of the worthy causes these races represented. So why can’t F3 and FIA team up and have our own race; for our chosen cause? Why not run to support something local so we can make an impact? Isn’t what we are about?
On July 18th starting at 0630 to be held at the Bull Ring at Ballantyne Corp. Park, we will do just that.

The plan is that we have no plan! No starting gun, no traffic control, no DJ, no bananas after finishing. What we do have are Pax willing to run (literally and figuratively) and donate to local charities who are hard at work supporting our struggling neighbors.

So starting at 0630, with the only request that pax stagger their start times anywhere from 0630 to 8:00AM so that we remain distanced at the start / finish – we plan to run as fast as our out of race shape legs will allow us (we do have some plans).

At the end, we’ll gather for COT to announce winners (our chosen charities); give thanks to each other and the almighty Sky-Q; and enjoy maybe a little safe distanced fellowship.
Please bring your own hydration, pre and post-race fuel, and after race seating if desired.

Our goal is simple : Bring all 3 of the Fs together in one place. Please be a part of it. The first 100 participants will receive medals!

Here is the link to get involved 👆

Donations can be made using paypal

We are asking for $33.33 use the below email to find the PayPal account


Please sign up. Here’s a suggestion agenda that I will be following:
– 0600 warmup and course preview
– 0630 start the 5K or 10K
– after you finish until 0730 or more, run the route in reverse cheering on the other participants.
– coffeeteria at TBD

Garmin link

Here are the route details for the 5k:
– start on the Bull Ring near entrance at Brixham Hill Ave and run counterclockwise on the loop. First turn is Right down the hill towards a traffic circle. Watch for cars on the course and always run on the Left.
– Overall, the route is a 0.97mi loop back to the start, and each turn is marked with a small cone and chalk arrows. There will be small disc cones confirming the route.
– There will be a Mile 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 mile marker.
– Route has been measured multiple times with GPS and bike wheel sensor.
– Finish for 5k should keep proceeding around Bull Ring to find the 5K finish cone gate (4 cones).

Here are the route details for the 10k:
– follow the 5K details above for each loop, but you will be doing 6 loops total instead of 3.
– There will be a Mile 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 mile marker from the 5K. There will not be Mile 4, 5, or 6 markers, but keep running the same loop 6 times. After you have completed 6 laps, stay on the Bull Ring for Finish.

Finish for 10k should keep proceeding around Bull Ring, pass the 5K finish gate (4 cones), and finish at 10K finish gate (4 cones) course:👇



Your YHCs

Strawberry, Bratwurst and Kirby as well as everyone who is making this happen!

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