Climbing Ladders with the Band

Climbing Ladders with the Band

8 Garage Band members shook off the 4th of July fireworks, burgers and brews with some ladder work.  Chatter was low but the reps were high!  0.0 miles were promised and delivered. Here is what went down….

100 single leg back lunge

90 SSH

80 elbow plank-jacks

70 squat air presses

60 seconds of plank

50 jump squats

40 chair dips

30 curl + shoulder press

20 skater jumps

10 burpees

**Back up the ladder with slightly modified exercises**

10 double merkin burpees

20 sister mary katherines

30 squat + curl + shoulder presses

40 tri-extensions

50 weighted single leg dead lift

60 seconds of plank

70 calf raises (each leg = 140 total)

80 Mountain climbers

90 seal jacks

100 single leg fwd lunge

** Ladder is done!

4 minutes remain so we get a quick set of 11’s (Merkins & Jump Squats) **this was a bad idea after 100 lunges!

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