Arm/Shoulder day at FLASH

Arm/Shoulder day at FLASH

DICCS- Cpr, cell phone, do not sue, social distancing and modify as needed

Warm up

Mosey around lot  1 1/2 times to pick up a few tardy pax members – Mater and Ricky Bobby

15- Low Slow Squats

Jimmy Dugans

Plank – Right arm high and right leg high 10 seconds

Plank- left arm high and left leg high 10 seconds

20- mountain climbers

The Thang

Mosey up to long road in front of high school and at every other light complete 20 speed skaters and 2 burpees until you get to the stop sign ( 12 lights so we completed 120 speed skaters and 12 burpees). Plank until the 6 is in…

Mosey to the school for some wall Partner work

P1 run to to stop sign for 5 bomb jacks and 1 burpee

P 2 wall work – complete 300 air presses, 300 air jabs , 50 mike Tysons as a team

Mosey a hot lap around 1/2 the parking lot for more Partner work ( switch partners though)

At top of large lot near the gate you and your new partner complete 30 dry docks combined and take a nice easy stroll through the lot to the fence and have some conversation . When you get to the fence you and your partner complete 40 Dry docks together and then mosey up to trail near benches. Once you get to the trail near the benches complete a 50 dry docks together before heading to the benches.

When we get to the benches Partner switch again for some more partner work.

P 1- run to traffic circle for 5 jump squats and 1 burpee

P 2- 200  dips, 100 pistol dips and 100 incline merkins

5 minutes left time to head back only to stop 1/2 way for light ab work led by Maddog while we gather the PAX back together before heading to COT

covered 2.5 miles with lots of arm work today– GREAT JOB BOYS


After a great holiday weekend it was great to see a good gathering of the PAX out and ready to go this morning- 24 PAX members. As always the PAX pushed hard and helped each other become stringer mentally and physically even though there was many grumblings over food and drink CHOICES over the weekend. Today we welcomed a FNG from the Walnut Creek neighborhood that Rockwell finally wore down over beers and cornhole– Everyone Welcome Joe Gummersbach AKA Sugardaddy– Joe is from St Louis MO and lived in Germany for many years before getting married late in life and he has a 7 year old boy and 10 year old girl and he coaches with Cobbler. Thanks to O-69 for taking us this morning, great message as usual. Also everyone make sure you tell Breadboy happy birthday when you see him– 13 years old this past weekend..



Blood drive 07/23/2020- we need 20 PAX members so sign up but you can bring others also as long as they are 16 years and over– Our group is committed to donated 100 pints so SIGN UP!! F3 is committed to 10,000 pints

100 PAX challenge raffle- buy tickets links are on GroupMe for lazyboy chairs or lazy boy gift cards– See Centerfolds or Maddog or actually read instructions on GroupMe

Site Q school ( July 18th) and Q school ( July 25th) are coming in July– if your ready to step up and lead SITE now is the time, Q school if you had lead under 3 times go to school and educate yourself on how to rock out a good Q..

Arsenal needs some support only getting 5-7 people daily- Thursday morning at 5:30am Indianland Elementary




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