Day of Redemption

Day of Redemption

13 (including O-69) Brave souls joined me for an arm blast extravaganza.


mosey around the COT lot and circle up for- IW X 10, Jimmy Doogan C/L/R, Downward Dog, Calf Stretch L/R Upward Dog and back to Downward Dog again.


Burpee Ladder starting at back sidewalk and do a burpee at each light pole on the left and add one burpee at each pole to the “Poop Shed”

Arm Circuit with partners- everyone grab a lifting rock and partner 1 runs to sidewalk between softball field and bus lot as the timer while partner 2 does 3 sets of each Curls, Shoulder press, Rows and Tricep Extensions. Killer upper body work and everyone stayed together.

Return rocks and Plank for the SIX

Mosey to back of middle school and find a picnic table for- Step Ups, Derkins & Dips. 3 sets of each exercise, 20 reps first set, 15 second set and 10 reps to finish.

Bear Crawl from first corner to other end of the wall and Mosey back to COT. Along the sidewalk we did backward run from light pole to light pole and then AYG to COT.


A little bit of chatter today but no life threatening comments. Everyone pushed hard and made it through. Very humbled by the amount of respects out there today. OGs are strong in this group! Glad to get a second chance and appreciate the confidence.

Today was a day of redemption for me. I missed my Q a couple of weeks ago and Recalculating was willing to give me another shot. I appreciate the opportunity to lead the gentlemen of this fine group and their willingness to follow even after I let them down previously.


Need volunteers to give blood at F3 Waxhaw blood drive. Check news channel for instructions from FuseBox on how to register. 7/23 from 9-1 is the date.

1776 challenge tomorrow to celebrate 4th of July. Come on out and challenge yourself and others.

I took us out CTG baby!





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