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Promise kept

After last week’s mileage-fest, YHC made a promise to keep the miles down.  A group of 22 strong eventually rolled in (even though it was sprinkling) to see if I would keep my promise.  With total miles under 3, mission accomplished?!  If not, complain to management, but since neither site Q’s were present, good luck!  After a brief disclaimer, we took off.


Warm up run- head towards Evelyn’s hill, stop to wait for the 6 and hit the basics- SSH, IW and some merkins interrupted by the paper lady (who stalked us briefly).


The Thang

Triple Nickle-  Monkey humpers at the bottom / Hand release merkins at the top/ Backwards run up- normal run down

Finish with some marry while we wait for others to finish


Mosey back up Evelyn’s hill to Wesley Church for some lifting

Grab a lifting rock and do the following:

Bi’s , Tri’s, Overhead press and Squats x15 per exercise – upon completion, hold rock overhead and head to dumpster (rinse and repeat), then to the end of the driveway for the last round.


Place rock on the shoulder (switch halfway thru) and put rock back in the pile


Mosey to Baseball diamonds

Instructions were to do the following exercises x20 each and then run around each field (4 total fields)

Incline merkins, decline merkins, Jump ups (step ups), Dips and Pistol Squats (one leg up)

Few more Mary, head back to launch and DONE



  • Convergence at Kevlar July 3rd
  • Unofficial White Claw- 0800- 900at Good Shepard (I believe there are promoted recovery drinks consumed)
  • Someone was pushing Joust tomorrow (Friday)


Ye Olde Moleskin

-Thank you for the opportunity to lead, I was tapped on the shoulder by the energizer bunny (Sprockets) and of course happy to jump in

-Welcome FNG- Huddle House.  Is it creative?  Does the Hydra Pax struggle to create names? Was I given the authority to confirm the random suggestion? Did IHop bring him out? No, Yes, Yes,Yes

-I struggled with a plan today.  Although Hydra is like home court for me living so close, I feel like we have done it all.  Also, not being able to grab sandbags, fire hose or even use monkey bars, it takes a few thing from the play book.  Either way, happy with the plan

-Few guys out front today, I am not saying that anyone is cheating, but if you are in the 6 but doing all the reps (with good form) keep it up.  At the end of the day it is about you (and that fine beach body).  However, Proehl is always out front…damn kids!  But I did notice some old guys keeping him honest.

-I don’t think many finished the last round around the baseball diamond, ran out of time…sorry

-Many of you hate running backwards…noted, we will do it again

-Not sure what the chatter was behind me, feel free to chime in.  I had a plan in my head and could not think of much else


Da Floater in Da Rain

Love this site and always excited when I get a chance to lead. Back in the day when we first launched this site we stayed pretty close to the downtown area – then came the gazelles and we started to find new gems a bit further out.  I wanted to pay tribute to the Glory Days.  So I put $2.50 in the pay phone and placed a call across state lines to MoneyBall for some direction.  “Man – you gotta stay close to downtown that’s where it all started – The Hill must happen, get that bridge involved and use the short wall for some work”.  The plan was in motion.

Warm up – Mosey to Sweet Repeats – I heard rumblings ” are we headed to Lawson? Millbridge”.    Nope – I wanted to bring our charity efforts into focus – Ray of Hope is housed  in Sweat Repeats – make the connection so that when we do some of the planned activities (back pack give away and Xmas party help) everyone will know where to head.  We circled up and did the normal warm ups in the parking lot –

SSH, Merkins, LSS, Plank Jacks dugan and demonstrated the Burpee with a Twist (on return jump 180 degrees)

The Thang – today’s theme would be 10, 15, 20 – reps – (paired with 2 exercises)  I tend to use this cadence a bit on my Q’s.  I do it because I am not a big fan of the “do 200 merkins…..3,000 squats.’  No way you can keep form for those amount of reps.

First stop Parking lot next to Sweet Repeats

Round 1 Broad Jump and Merkins – do 10 Broad Jumps & 10 Merkins, followed by 15 broad jumps and 15 merkins, followed by 20 broad jump and 20 merkins.  – lap around the building

Round 2 – Bobby Hurley’s and Speed Skaters (10/15/20)

Mosey to short wall in town

Round 3 Dips and Declines – lap around the block

Round 4 Step Ups and SSH – Hot lap around the block

Mosey to Bridge

Round 5  Jump squat on one side of bridge and then Plank Jacks other side

Mosey to Wall across from church

Round 6 Donkey Kicks and Mountain Climbers (this was a shoulder smoker)

Mosey to KJH The Hill

Round 7 Burpee Twist and Plank Jacks – we made 10 and 15 – and only 1 trip up the hill.

Mosey to COT

All in all we covered about 2.4 miles – timing could have been better to do more hill work next time.

Shout out to Popeye – good to see him during the week – we did some running and he just pushes through even with a bad knee.

The LRC was strong this morning – Deflated had an extra hop in his step and was out in front with Smithers and Foundation.

Rockwell – aka “the  silent assassin” – he doesn’t say much during the workouts – but he’s there at every turn leading the way.

Deadwood – i could sense a Q jack coming but it never came – he was out pushing the pace in front. well done.

Carbload – joining the shirtless gazelles – a site to see – but I only saw the bare-back as he was out in front. No thong gate here.

And Schnieder – we’re not the fastest in the group – we seem to have the same pace -so when I see Tom making moves to the front of the line I get going as well. Way to push me.

Prayers up to CarbLoad’s B-in-law – Cody – hit by car and having some surgeries today (back,,) – Schnieder’s friend – his wife Karen is going through chemo and the Big C.


Keep an eye out for workout site changes for tomorrow. Impromptu may be moving…

Spartan Race – still on?






The Cinder Block Rock!

We couldn’t use any gear so I decided to use the cinder blocks! 19 brave men came our for lots of heavy lifting and running (the bear crawl was for Doughboy). We also would like to welcome Big House to F3 Waxhaw! I do have to say, the workout looked a ton easier on paper than it was in reality. Based on the chatter, I didn’t make too many friends today.

The Warm Up – After diccs were given we did a quick mosey around Mt. Chiseled and a quick look at the location of the beatings to come. Took a quick mosey down to pick up cinder blocks for the guys who needed one. Warm up included:

  • 15 SSh
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Merkin
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • Calf Stretch
  • Jimmy Dugan

We proceeded to Mt. Chiseled with our cinder blocks over head and did lunges and also what I call “Frankenstein” to the base of Mt. Chiseled.

The Thang – Partner up. Partner 1 does the exercise while partner 2 bear crawls up to the top of Mt. Chiseled and runs over to the other side to perform 10 Bomb Jacks. Run back over to the other side to relieve your partner. Partner 1 started with Burpie Press – 100 of them as a team! That hurts! The next exercise was 200 curls (might have to call an audible!) followed by 100 Rows – bent over or upright. Top that one off (arms now really hurting) with 100 Keddle Block Swings closing off the workout with the Chest Press with the blocks. After running out of time we circled up for our finish.

The Moleskine – That was a tough one but I appreciate Fuse giving me the opportunity to be able to lead such a great group of guys. All of you are really fantastic and I appreciate the support of all. We did have one FNG today and because he likes Ohio State, he was giving the name Big House. Welcome Big House.

Announcements – Fuse is looking for help at Five Stones Church for today, Thursday and Friday of this week. Please Contact Fuse Box for more information. Posse spoke about the Spartan Race this Saturday! 100 PAX Challenge – We still need more support – Let’s donate now! Tickets are being sold for a raffle to win a Lazy Boy Chair. Friday is graduation at CHS and it might impact the morning workout at Cutherbertson, be on the lookout.

Field Trip

Well it was time for Dromedary to take a field trip to Bushwood to check out the back 9 after the front was played yesterday. As I pulled into the parking lot 5 min till lift off one other car was there, would people show up? Did they remember the change from other announcements, only time will tell. As cars began rolling in and 6am hit it was time to start going.


  1. Quick Mosey to the front of the school
  2. 20 SSH in cadence
  3. 20 Merkins
  4. Old Man Calf Stretch (best warm-up ever)
  5. 20 Mountain Climbers
  6. 10 Squats

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to Turkey Hunt Ct, for 3 trips of fun
    1. Mosey to circle 20 Big Boys
    2. Mosey back for a Burpee
    3. Then return for 15 and 2
    4. Then 10 and 3
  2. Alternating Mailboxes to the path back to school
    1. 20 LBC
    2. 20 Squats
  3. Mosey to picnic tables
    1. 20 Derkins then hot lap
    2. 20 Dips then hot lap
    3. repeat 15, 10, 5
  4. Mosey back to COT for 2 min of Marry till time was called
    1. Heals to Heaven
    2. American Hammers


  1. Raffle for the 100 Pax Challenge Information on GroupMe
  2. Sight Q School and Q School coming in July
  3. Tomorrow Body Shop at Rea View Posse on Q
  4. This week Spartan info on GroupMe
  5. July 4 Patriot Games at Blackhawk


  1. Goodfella as they are welcoming the new addition to the family

The Hills Are Alive

Ok that title has been used before and probably like a thousand times.  I couldn’t think of anything else.  Please read on.

11 PAX this morning at The Maul.

Warm-up: Mosey lap around the lot with high knees and butt kicks thrown in.  Circle up for: 10 MCs, 10 windmills, 10 merkins, 10 squats, all IC.

Rotate 90 degrees and face the hill.  For 3 rounds, YHC calls cadence for burpees at the bottom and then everyone sprints to the top for 15 merkins OYO.  Round 1 = regular burpees and regular merkins.  Round 2 = one leg burpees (right leg) and diamond merkins, Round 3 = one leg burpees (left leg) and wide arm merkins.

Mosey over to the next hill located behind Jersey Mikes.  Partner up, no touching please.  P1 runs the hill while P2 does the exercise and flap jack.  In total, do 50 CDDs, 100 squats, and 150 LBCs.

Mosey to the front of the shopping center.  Karyoke one way to the first stop sign, 10 merkins, karaoke to the second stop sign, 10 merkins, run to the Target, 10 merkins, plank for the six.

Mosey to the church parking lot and grab a lifting rock.  IC, 10 Romanian deadlifts, 10 squat thrusts, 10 curls.  Run to the second speed bump for 10 seal merkins, and back.  Repeat one time.

The mosey home was long so we broke it up with stops for Mary called by different PAX.  YHC was smokes and Mic Check and Wingman pushed the pace home.  With two minutes left, we did an abbreviated, a capella version of “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down” and 5 burpees OYO.

Announcements: Be on the lookout for news of a pop-up 5k/10k June 18th to benefit local Foodbank.  Kirby on Q.

Give me my donut….now!

Taking the liberty of posting a backblast;  Slingshot laid down a solid Q, and if he lays down a solid backblast as well, then there will be one solid one, and this weak entry.  Pretty sure I’ve seen multiple bb’s from some workouts in Waxhaw, so not unchartered waters.

Anyhoo, Slingshot gave a disclaimer, but no one heard him as the mumble chatter was already deafening.  We did have one car honk to clear the lot as the pax was mustering.  They were on a beeline for their morning shot of cholesterol and fat at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Never, ever get in the way of a person and his/her donut(s).

Off the pax went after circling back for some pax who got out of his vehicle with no shoes on.  Can’t remember his name, and in COT he couldn’t remember his own age.  Mumblechatter was again overwhelming so I couldn’t discern his nickname amidst the cacophony.  Also missing another pax in the list.  We had 24, but I could only come up with 22.  So, for the shoeless one and the other — #cobains

we did Jacob’s Ladder (aka 7’s) on some hill in Stonecroft.  I ran into Geraldo & someone else during those and pert near went down.  my comparatively low center of gravity (lots of gravity, at that) spared me

pax then ran to Hope OP for some running and rock work.  Good find by Slingshot – we’ll be back there again soon.  If Latin never lets us back on campus, that may be the next AO location for Hawk’s Nest.  Knowing about 50 people that go there, including Sprockets, Spackler, Queen, among other pax — we might well get the “go ahead”.

then over to the bank for some people’s chair and then over to the launch lot.  I’m a 5/3 certain that bank has been closed for 3-4 years.

Ye Olde Naked Moleskinné:

just random bullet-point observations

  • Curd ran in, also saw him running through our neighborhood as I drove home.  Logging extra miles or just not wanting to go home and help the M with the 2.0’s?
  • Sweater Set posted for first time in 3+ years.  Kept up with the pax ably.  T-claps and great nickname.  Ralph Lauren would have been better.
  • Speaking of Ralph Lauren, Floorslapper informed the pax that he went to Duke with one of Ralph Lauren’s 2.0’s
  • Really miss Deep Dish’s mustache….that thing was magnificent.
  • I think Queen told me this was his first Tuesday post ever in F3.  Welcome.  Come back.  You do know F3 happens on the other 5 or 6 days, too, in addition to Thursday’s at Hydra, right?
  • Gloss kept his shirt on for the entirety of the workout
  • Jet Fuel kept his shirt tucked in for the entirety

Other stuff happened, I’m sure.  Sound off if so inclined.

Solid Q, Slingshot.  Thanks for stepping up.  IHOP on Q next week at the Nest.


Crazy 8’s

8 Watchtower’s and 6 Masher’s (including a Kotters welcome for Beltway), met in a parking lot to do weird stuff together.  After seeing a steady weight decline (and by steady I mean I lose 2-4 pounds during the week and gain 1-3 pounds over the weekend) over quarantine, my family decided they really liked the old me and fed me pizza for fathers day lunch, BBQ for dinner, and 3 helpings of peach cobbler and ice cream in between.  To say I felt sluggish during yesterday’s workout was an understatement…and the dreaded scale and FUPA measurement confirmed my suspicion, I was dangerously close to heading towards fat boy territory again.  The good news (or perhaps bad news if you were a Watchtower pax today) is that I could do something about it being on Q today…so with that…DICCS, lets go.



Fairly fast opening mosey pace towards the bus lot.  Turn around to find a much smaller group than we left out with (8 in total).

  • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 20 Back Scratchers (I think that was the name, maybe tick pullers????)  Arms out wide and attempt to scratch your opposite trap.  Try it, its not easy if you have been going to chiseled, diesel, or a mash workout.  (In my best Arnold voice) For the rest of you puny men, perhaps not so hard.
  • 15 dry docks
  • Calf Stretch
  • Jimmy Duggan


Mosey to neighborhood stopping once to let the 6 catch up.  While trying to figure out what to do I did a satellite view of the campus and found that the neighborhood streets make an “8”.  So I decided we would take advantage of the 8.  At each corner we will do a called exercise then run at a faster pace than a mosey to the next corner.  Mountain Climbers waiting on the 6.

  • First Intersection: 10 Ranger Merkins on my down  (Some guys got some extras in as they started merkins before I finished explaining what we were doing)
  • Second Intersection: 10 Diamond Merkins on my down
  • Third Intersection: 10 Wide Arm Merkins on my down (starting to get tired of counting)
  • Forth Intersection after that nasty hill: 5 T Delts and 1 Merkin up to 10 Merkins.  On Your Own (sorry posse – who wasn’t there to chastise me).
  • Fifth Intersection: 10 Superman Merkins
  • Sixth Intersection: 10 Ranger Merkins
  • Seventh Intersection (swap over to speed skaters waiting on the six since we have double back through the middle of the 8 and don’t want to cross contaminate sweat piles).  10 Mary Katherines (2 is 1).
  • 8th Intersection: 20 Jump Squats
  • 9th and final Intersection: 12 Berishnicoffs each leg.

Mosey to the cul-de-sac near the front entrance for a Triple Nickle.  10 Dry Docks at the top, Run, 10 Jump Squats at the bottom (first light post).  Do those three exercises 5 times for the triple nickle.  (Yes, we had a OG try to tell me I was doing a Triple dime – Come on Foundation….you know better!). A quick watch check and I get wide eyed to see I have much more time left than I thought.  Some days time moves so fast but today it just crawled.

Quick sprints back towards the school   First spring to front of neighborhood.  Second sprint to school bus entrance.  Third Sprint to School wall.  Smithers, Mad Dog, and Foundation all pushed hard here trying to beat each other.

On the wall waiting for the 6.

  • 50 Air Presses on my up.
  • 15 wall slaps in cadence (you welcome posse).
  • 15 over head claps in cadence.

Continuing our springs until time was up.   Sprint to other end of the school.  Lunge waiting on the 6.  Sprint each of the 4 corners of the parking lot again waiting on 6 before starting off to the next corner.  Reached final corner and hurried over to COT.  A few pax kept moving to get their even (odd) number of 3 miles in.  Finitto.


  • A little bit of mumble chatter about that one being an ass kicker.  It hurt me, but I figured it was just the cobbler talking.  I love hearing the complaints….that means it sucked…which means you got your money’s worth.
  • Happy to announce the weight is headed back in the right direction after this mornings workout….I may also be ready to pass out from Dehydration so I guess I better go take Goodfella’s advice and hydrate up after that sweat fest.  Sorry to the pax that had to endure today’s pain in order to get me back on track.
  • Foundation and Smithers have apparently dropped Deflated out of the threesome as they both pre-ran together this morning and were seen holding hands and skipping during the triple nickel.
  • Ackbar came about as close as I’ve ever seen him to cussing someone out today.  He shot some very angry looks my direction during the workout.  Sorry bud! (I’m kidding of course – I’m not sure that guys has had an angry thought ever….well except for when cars pass school buses)
  • Chainsaw was out there kicking ass and taking names as usual.  Great work from a double respect.
  • Mad Dog and Smithers constantly circling back for the 6.  Thanks guys!
  • Foundation doing what was actually called instead of circling (Mountain Climbers or Speed Skaters).  Thanks for sticking to what was called out and setting an example for us slower guys that were coming in later and forcing us unknowingly to fall in line.
  • Schneider out front most of the morning and chirping the entire time.
  • Popeye may slash my tires over night after that one.  Thanks for sticking with it. Lots of talk from him about vaginitis after the workout.  Looking forward to you poping a Viagra and busting ass at Chiseled tomorrow (wait, that came out wrong).
  • Great seeing Beltway out again (Kotters).  Mash unit continues to grow and get some guys out of the bed that would normally fart sack.  Great leadership by the Mashers to keep it going and growing.
  • Mentioned posse a few times in the BB without him actually being at the workout.  He was in my head during today’s workout as I reached out to him to see if he learned anything new from his Atlanta F3 workout and what feedback he had as it compared to Waxhaw.  One of the things he said is that they did a lot of On Your Own counting which apparently Posse hates.  So today, I decided I would not OYO as much as possible.  That lasted about 5 intersections in before I could hardly catch my breath long enough to lead a count.


  • F3 Spartan this Saturday at Cuthbertson at 7:00 am.  Park near buses/Rudy’s Poop Palace (I think).  All other Saturday sites will be closed so converge on Spartan.
  • F3 Dads is this Saturday at Newtown Elementary at 9:00 am.  Bring a cardboard box for the kids to slide down a hill on and a water gun if you have one.
  • 100 for 100 Pax Challenge just over $8200.  In order to push us over the finish line, the 100 for 100 team are working on a raffle.  Lazy Boy (the pax, not the store) is donating a leather recliner to be auctioned off.  Second prize is a $100 amazon gift card donated by Nails (who knew he had extra $ to spend after all the recent tattoo work).  More details to be sent out by the 100 for 100 team.


F3 Waxhaw Spartan Pre-Blast

About a month ago I saw the real Spartan was putting on a virtual race. After looking it over I said that’s pretty weak and our PAX can do one better than that. So, the wheels started spinning. First person I reached out to was our resident Spartan expert Kid Rock; his response was “I was thinking the same thing”. Here we are today.

Why Not! Let’s have some fun, break up the routine a little and continue blazing the trail for F3 Waxhaw.

The course will be 5k ish in total distance with 20 pain stations along the way. Keep in mind that the course will be mainly grass and trails (could be muddy so dress accordingly). We don’t want Moneyball complaining! 2.0 are welcome; however, I would recommend middle school and above or if you have a Speed Bump kid. Use your best judgment.

The course map and exercises were posted on GM. Everyone will find out details of pain stations when you get to each station (all are reasonable). Gotta be some element of surprise!
Each pain station will be marked with an orange cone and a sign/description of the exercise.
The course will have flags marking the way.

We get up every morning to do what? Get better, stronger, be with the boys and have fun! Joining the Convergence on Saturday will be a great opportunity to do all those things.

We are going to keep time in case we decide to do the event again in the fall and PAX want to compare old vs new time.

*Good attitude
*Wiliness to push yourself to be uncomfortable

Other important items
Parking at Rudy’s shed
Start time is 7:00, be there 15 minutes early for instructions and set up
Bring a chair for 2F
Stick around to help clean up the course
Bathrooms are locked

Coffee – Provided by Shop Dog
Donuts – Provided by Blue Screen
Bottled Water – Provided Easy Button
Bananas – Provided Kid Rock

Oh Right I’m on Q

Big numbers for a Monday 24 in total- must have been the over indulgence of Father’s Day.  It’s always good to have a seasoned Site-Q like Rockwell to make sure you’r ready to go.  Big Shout out to Wedding Singer making a return trip from out West.  He looks to be in shape so must be laying off the edibles and munchies….

DCCS (although I kind of missed the FNG – so note to keep on the look out)

Mosey to front of middle school to start – Standard SSH, Merkin, MTN Climb, Dougan, squat

Off to the line of buses – start at first bus and do 5 merkins – run to furthest bus and do 5 Bobby Hurleys.  run back and forth reducing by one each way with the same sequence – 5 merkins at top and 5 BH’s at bottom.

Mosey to the middle school cafe tables: 15/20/25 – 3 exercises derkins,dips and step ups

Mosey to the parking spaces just past Rudy’s Poop Palace – everyone grab their own parking space. slide merkins at top of space, bear crawl side, slide merkins bottom of space, bear crawl other side – total of 3 laps around your space – this was tough on the shoulders.

Mosey to the circle by the football field.  run down to the bottom circle 15 SSH – run past circle to benches and 15 pistol LBC’s — for 2 laps total.

Mosey on to HS lot and begin trail back to COT.  Alternate at every light: 10 walking lunges and 5 hand release merkins.

on time at COT

Lots of semi-new faces and a strong showing for a monday after father’s day.  Everyone pushed themselves today as the six was never far behind – so good work all around.

besides the long timers – and you know who you are – good work by some of the folks that I may not be all that familiar with: Wax, Tiny Teen, Baklava, Fruit Loops, Matar and Noonan – keep it up and keep showing up.

welcom Eli aka “Cookie”  Eli does some underwater welding work so from Men of Honor – Cuba Gooding Jr’s name was “Cookie” -not half bad Pax – nice name

Announcements –

100 PAX challenge @8K

Keep eyes open for raffle of a super cool custom Lazy Boy  – more to come

Impromptu Friday – monitoring CHS graduation via the airwaves to see if this will have an impact on our morning workout – if you hear anything let me know

Saturday – Spartan Race-

♫ Pump Up the Jam, Pump it Up, While Your Feet are Stomping ♫

THE NBA IS BACK! Well almost. Celebrated this morning with a basketball-themed boot camp beatdown. Focus on Agility, Strength and Endurance, breaking the workout into four quarters. SPOILER ALERT: The Hornets don’t make the playoffs #theresalwaysnextyear


  • SSH (20)
  • High Knees (30 seconds)
  • 20 Pistol [Pete] crunches
  • Butt Kicks (30 seconds)
  • Merkins (10)

First Quarter

  • Elevens (a.k.a The Big Baby Glen Davis)
    • Start with 10 merkins, run to end of driveway and do 1 squat
    • Sum must add up to 11
  • 2-minute run
Second Quarter
  • Coupon Circuit for 8 minutes (The LeBron James)
    • Goblet squat (10 reps)
    • Bent over row (10 reps)
    • Calf raises (10 reps)
    • Upright row (10 reps)
    • 3 burpees at the top of each minute
  • 2-minute run
Third Quarter
  • Chair circuit (3 sets, As many reps as possible) (The Bobby Knight)
    • Step ups (30 seconds)
    • Declined merkin (30 seconds)
    • Dips (30 seconds)
    • Declined merkin (30 seconds)
    • Speed Squats (30 seconds)
  • 2-minute run
Fourth Quarter
  • 1 set of 8 each (The Kobe)
    • 8 burpees
    • 8 curls, presses, tricep extensions
    • 8 Dwight Howards
  • Run to end of driveway and back


  • Around the horn style Mary
    • Midriff: The Tony Parker/The Peter Parker
    • Soft Pretzel: Heels to Heaven (THE JOEL EMBIID)
    • Brexit: Flutter Kicks
    • C3PO: Slow-mo box cutters
    • Cheddar: Toe touches
  • 30 second sprint, jog back


  • HT to @Soft Pretzel for rocking a Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets) jersey
  • Can’t wait to watch NBA playoffs with other F3 brothers, whether distanced or not, looking forward to it
  • @Kirby is organizing a pop-up 5k around/on July 4th. Proceeds go to reputable charities that need our help
  • @Soft Pretzel: reminder to attend Da Vinci this Saturday for @Bucky’s Q
  • @C3PO shared a Waxhaw-led race event happening this Saturday
  • I issued a challenge to rope in 1 FNG to next week’s Garage Band. Virtual workouts eliminate the barrier of geographic proximity – we see you @Cheddar. Let’s invite guys in who haven’t experienced F3 and need fitness/fellowship instead of fear and passivity
  • Midriff closed with prayer