Case of The Mondays

Case of The Mondays

With Monday mornings not exactly being anyone’s favorite, YHC thought it best to theme a workout on sucky exercises.  Embrace the suck.

Warm-up: 20 squats, 20 merkins, 20 IWs, all OYO, run 2 minutes out, 2 minutes back.

1st exercise I hate: jump lunges, or Sister Mary Catherines.  For ~6 minutes, alternate sets of these (10X) with sets of various merkins – regular, wide-arm, diamond, stagger right and left.  I think we got five rounds total then run 2 minutes O/B.

2nd exercise I hate: donkey kicks.  For ~6 minutes, alternate sets x10 with coupon exercises. Curls/tricep extensions, then rows and flutter presesses. Repeat each.  Four rounds total, run 2 minutes O/B.

3rd exercise I don’t care for: bear crawls and crab walks.  Each set is 10 paces out, 10 paces back, alternated with PAX choice Mary. 5 rounds total.  2 minutes O/B.

Finish it off with, predictably, burpees.  To try and mix things up, YHC called sets where we do multiple merkins for every burpee.  So for the first set, 3 merkins per burpee, x5.  2nd set was 4 merkins per burpee, x3.  Think we got 4 sets total alternating with PAX choice exercises.

Announcements: DaVinci converging with Stonehenge this Saturday for July 4.  Be on the lookout for info on the 5k/10k happening July 18 to support local causes.

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