A Backblast for F3 Dads?!

A Backblast for F3 Dads?!

Sure, why not.  Lets create a little FOMO.  Lets spread the word.  Lets build some excitement.

10 pax showed up this morning at 9:00 am at Newtown Elementary for the weekly F3 Waxhaw Dad’s.  Its open to kids and their dads roughly age 4-14 but the prime ages are 5-12.

So what do we typically do at F3 Dad’s?  We’ve done obstacle courses, relay races, played soccer, treasure hunted, capture the flag, and water gun tag.  Sound fun?  Well it is.  My 2.0’s love it.  Its 45 min to an hour of them getting to do what Dad does every morning, build comradere with other kids, and see their Dad taking an interest in his and their fitness.

So what did we do today?  I’m glad you asked.


Funky Mosey.  (Whats a funky mosey?)  Well its where the Q runs randomly all over the place.  Grass, trees, left, right, change direction.  You name it.

Circle up in what little bit of shade New Town offers.  Handed the keys to the Q to the kids to let them decide what warm up exercises we did:

Little Biker Girl: 15 Side Straddle Hops

Spinnach: 10 Big Boy Sit Ups

The Great Bambino: 10 Dad Merkins (kids ride dad’s back while dad does push ups.  A kids favorite….Dads, not so much).

The Meg: 50 Merkins (yes you read that right).  I attempted to audible but the Meg was having none of it.  With a little help, he knocked out all 50.  Great job.  (The rest of us just watched after we did 10).

Cheddar: Toy Soldiers

Flat Foot: Butt Kickers (with a snicker from some of the 2.0’s)

Little Biker Girl: Kereoke Right

Little Biker Girl: Kereoke Left



Find the hill at the back of the school.  Section off into family groups.  As a family, you have to go up and down the hill 10 times (Up and Down is 1).  But the catch is that you could only go down and up the same way once.  So if you ran down the hill once, you couldn’t run back down the hill a second time, you had to be creative.  Some of the creative ways to traverse the hill were:

  • Dad carry you
  • walk hill backwards
  • Bunny Hop Hill
  • Bear Crawl
  • Dad Bear crawl with 2.0 on back.
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Slide
  • Flip
  • Roll
  • Moon walk
  • Shopping Cart Dance
  • Frog Hop.


Short Mosey to Track for a relay race.  Stay in Families.  One person at a time run across the field to the other side of the track.  Once entire family is there, one at a time run back.  We found some competitive juices in Olive Oil on this one.

Oh look, there’s a half deflated soccer ball in the middle of two goals.  Lets audible and play soccer…kids vs parents.   Kids won 1-0, but parents had two shots on goal with wide open misses from Olive Oil (shes fired).  I’m pretty sure she stiffed armed her youngest in order to get the open net shots.

Kids starting to complain about the heat.  So lets head towards the cars to take a water break.  Lunge walk up side walk.  Frog hop in each sidewalk square.  Mosey toward school stopping at the wall for 50 jabs and 25 presses.


Next was capture the flag water tag.  Bailey’s vs everyone else (Fuse & Drive By + 2.0’s).  There is a cone at each end of the parking lot along with a cooler full of soap water to use to refill (and kill corona germs).  Object is to shoot the other teams cone with water.  If they shoot you with water, you had the option to do one of these 4 things to be unfrozen: 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats, or run back to your base.

Team Fuse & Drive by took an early lead employing a “goalie” and four attackers strategy. But the Bailey’s came storming back once they started implementing their diversion strategy.  Final score was 4-2 (I think?) good guys win.

Finish off with a quick game of dueling water guns.  Any one can challenge anyone to a dual.  Parents vs parents, kids vs kids, or kids vs parents.  Line up head to head in opposite parking spaces, on go, jump up and start shooting.  Lots of fun here. Too many good battles to recount, just know everyone was soaked afterwards and loving it.

Return to car for one final WATER BREAK, COT, Prayer, and DOUGHNUTS!  Oh, I didn’t go the easy route this week.  Oh no.  I passed two Dunkin’ Doughnuts on my way to the glory of all doughnut shops – Krispy Kreme.  2 Dozen original glazed and a dozen patriot doughnuts (highly recommend a box of patriots for your 4th of July celebration…they were awesome).   Lots of fun had by all.  If you haven’t tried F3 Dad’s and you have a 2.o aged 3-13, come give it a shot.  Its a great way to spend the Saturday morning with your kids.


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