A Math Exercise

A Math Exercise

…or an exercise with math? I’m not sure. A lucky 13 of us launched into the gloom with no real intentions of figuring it out. The mumblechatter started early with rumors of a half-asleep Q after a rousing disclaimer. In reality, YHC was still trying to catch my breath after running in. The wet blanket morning was not doing any favors.

The Thang

Mosey around Carmel Commons to the office parking lot in the shadow of Palentine for COP:

SSH x 25 IC

Imperial Walker x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Head over to the base of Palentine for the main event: run up the hill, 25 merkins at the top, run the triangle route to the outdoor tables, 10 diamonds, run the next leg of the triangle to the stop sign, 25 wide-arms, run back to base of Palentine. 5 total rounds.

Round 1 – 25, 10, 25 followed by LBCs to regroup

Round 2 – 20, 8, 20 followed by flutter

Round 3 – say it with me, class (math is fun!) 15, 6, 15 followed by dolly

Round 4 – 10, 4, 10 followed by rosalita

Roudn 5 – 5, 2, 5 followed by American Hammer Russian Twist (the infiltration is complete)

Mosey back over to the outdoor tables and partner up, no sweat swapping. Partner 1 does 30 dips, Partner 2 does 30 squats, run opposite ways around the triangle route with 10 merkins where you meet. Back to the outdoor tables for some Freddie Mercury to regroup. Flapjack partner exercises and repeat. Boone LBCs to regroup.

Mosey back to launch, stopping at each speed hump for 10 squats.



First post-COVID Q for YHC. Thanks to Mermaid for hitting me up, even if it was while I was on vacation. He really topped it off though by publicly shaming me into writing this backblast. A sly, veteran Site Q move. These humid mornings never seem to get any easier, but it was good to sweat out some of the damage done during a week of vacation. Great to see Donk back out for the second time in his first week and good to see Cain making the EH.

My lovely M, Lauren, is running for Woman of the Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There are still 3 weeks left to give. She is running a great campaign and has raised a lot of money so far. Her goal is to finish at (or very near) the top both in the local Charlotte campaign and nationally. The idea is to raise enough for LLS that she has a platform with them to advocate for advancing pediatric research. You can donate through my fundraising page here: https://pages.lls.org/mwoy/nc/clt20/jpalmer and you can join us for the virtual finale on July 18th by registering here: Text MWOYCharlotte20 to 76278.  We are so grateful for F3’s support – both for this campaign and during our son’s battle with AML.

Thanks to Mermaid for taking us out.


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