Thanks to the Kevlar PAX for indulging my celebration of the best futbol team on planet Earth winning our 19th League Championship yesterday.  Oh, you turds that still don’t watch soccer, it would be Liverpool Football Club I am talking about.  Led to most exercises being called to 19, 19 counts, etc.  Thanks to Bulldog for answering the PAX’ question on “why 19?” during the IWs.

Got to CD early, like a solid true Q should, and up came running your esteemed site Qs Whip and Fault Line.  They had a nice glisten going on in muscle shirts with a solid 3 mile pre-run.  Like, if testosterone was sold in a box, these two would’ve been on the cover.

They kept coming, some from the other side of the Prime Meridian.  Good solid turnout.

Gave a terrible disclaimer, Geraldo said it was 5:30, so we left the lot.

Run down to quad for IW, LSS, MC, HRM…all to 19 of course.

Partner up for Alabama Slamma.

Quick mosey to front of church; P1 stays for called exercises, P2 shuttle runs to each median, to top of hill.  Three rounds

Stay with partners, P1 does exercises, P2 runs around church. Three rounds

Go back to lot for a couple gassers.

They say we got in 2 solid miles.



As stated earlier, good turnout today, good solid chatter.

Bulldog answered the call to come back out to the gloom.  He and Spackler were the kings of chatter this morning, surprise surprise.  It was also good to connect Bulldog and Lorax, both of whom are Raintree boys, and soon to be golfing butt buddies.

The duo of Geraldo and Manziel were out front on most of the partner runs.  Manziel has been doing some strong stuff building his endurance to 13.2 status, and Geraldo covers about .25 miles with every step he takes.

Nice to meet Chubbs.  Young man dusted the best of em in the first gasser, think he blew a header while doing it tho.

Bounce was one of the ones I described having to show a passport to come out this far, good seeing you at Kevlar dude.

Lockdown was a Kevlar virgin and my partner today.  Glad to see my advertisement worked during announcements at Hydra yesterday.

Also great to see BLC as well.  Haven’t seen ole Big League in months, but he keeps going, and has the best merkin form in Area51.  I think I said you could eat meatballs off his back.  yikes

Deep Dish was my time compadre for the most part today.  Although, he and Geraldo’s timepiece were off by about 50 seconds.  DD’s was fast, hence why I kept going back to him.

After COT, Horsehead came back from his truck wearing a new, very comfy looking outfit.  New fresh Gamecock t-shirt, sweatpants, and some Crocs.  Fault Line said he should have a bowl of Cheerios in his hand as well.  Would’ve gone well coming up from Momma’s basement.

Spackler claims today is the last day he’ll be Covid free, as he’s leaving for a bachelorette party in Nashvegas. Vaya con Dios mi amigo.  Leave some Titos for the rest of the girls.


Area51 convergence next Friday July 3rd.  Joust, Centurion, Cerberus are all meeting at Kevlar at 6am.  Hops and Ductwork on Q.

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