Promise kept

Promise kept

After last week’s mileage-fest, YHC made a promise to keep the miles down.  A group of 22 strong eventually rolled in (even though it was sprinkling) to see if I would keep my promise.  With total miles under 3, mission accomplished?!  If not, complain to management, but since neither site Q’s were present, good luck!  After a brief disclaimer, we took off.


Warm up run- head towards Evelyn’s hill, stop to wait for the 6 and hit the basics- SSH, IW and some merkins interrupted by the paper lady (who stalked us briefly).


The Thang

Triple Nickle-  Monkey humpers at the bottom / Hand release merkins at the top/ Backwards run up- normal run down

Finish with some marry while we wait for others to finish


Mosey back up Evelyn’s hill to Wesley Church for some lifting

Grab a lifting rock and do the following:

Bi’s , Tri’s, Overhead press and Squats x15 per exercise – upon completion, hold rock overhead and head to dumpster (rinse and repeat), then to the end of the driveway for the last round.


Place rock on the shoulder (switch halfway thru) and put rock back in the pile


Mosey to Baseball diamonds

Instructions were to do the following exercises x20 each and then run around each field (4 total fields)

Incline merkins, decline merkins, Jump ups (step ups), Dips and Pistol Squats (one leg up)

Few more Mary, head back to launch and DONE



  • Convergence at Kevlar July 3rd
  • Unofficial White Claw- 0800- 900at Good Shepard (I believe there are promoted recovery drinks consumed)
  • Someone was pushing Joust tomorrow (Friday)


Ye Olde Moleskin

-Thank you for the opportunity to lead, I was tapped on the shoulder by the energizer bunny (Sprockets) and of course happy to jump in

-Welcome FNG- Huddle House.  Is it creative?  Does the Hydra Pax struggle to create names? Was I given the authority to confirm the random suggestion? Did IHop bring him out? No, Yes, Yes,Yes

-I struggled with a plan today.  Although Hydra is like home court for me living so close, I feel like we have done it all.  Also, not being able to grab sandbags, fire hose or even use monkey bars, it takes a few thing from the play book.  Either way, happy with the plan

-Few guys out front today, I am not saying that anyone is cheating, but if you are in the 6 but doing all the reps (with good form) keep it up.  At the end of the day it is about you (and that fine beach body).  However, Proehl is always out front…damn kids!  But I did notice some old guys keeping him honest.

-I don’t think many finished the last round around the baseball diamond, ran out of time…sorry

-Many of you hate running backwards…noted, we will do it again

-Not sure what the chatter was behind me, feel free to chime in.  I had a plan in my head and could not think of much else


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