Da Floater in Da Rain

Da Floater in Da Rain

Love this site and always excited when I get a chance to lead. Back in the day when we first launched this site we stayed pretty close to the downtown area – then came the gazelles and we started to find new gems a bit further out.  I wanted to pay tribute to the Glory Days.  So I put $2.50 in the pay phone and placed a call across state lines to MoneyBall for some direction.  “Man – you gotta stay close to downtown that’s where it all started – The Hill must happen, get that bridge involved and use the short wall for some work”.  The plan was in motion.

Warm up – Mosey to Sweet Repeats – I heard rumblings ” are we headed to Lawson? Millbridge”.    Nope – I wanted to bring our charity efforts into focus – Ray of Hope is housed  in Sweat Repeats – make the connection so that when we do some of the planned activities (back pack give away and Xmas party help) everyone will know where to head.  We circled up and did the normal warm ups in the parking lot –

SSH, Merkins, LSS, Plank Jacks dugan and demonstrated the Burpee with a Twist (on return jump 180 degrees)

The Thang – today’s theme would be 10, 15, 20 – reps – (paired with 2 exercises)  I tend to use this cadence a bit on my Q’s.  I do it because I am not a big fan of the “do 200 merkins…..3,000 squats.’  No way you can keep form for those amount of reps.

First stop Parking lot next to Sweet Repeats

Round 1 Broad Jump and Merkins – do 10 Broad Jumps & 10 Merkins, followed by 15 broad jumps and 15 merkins, followed by 20 broad jump and 20 merkins.  – lap around the building

Round 2 – Bobby Hurley’s and Speed Skaters (10/15/20)

Mosey to short wall in town

Round 3 Dips and Declines – lap around the block

Round 4 Step Ups and SSH – Hot lap around the block

Mosey to Bridge

Round 5  Jump squat on one side of bridge and then Plank Jacks other side

Mosey to Wall across from church

Round 6 Donkey Kicks and Mountain Climbers (this was a shoulder smoker)

Mosey to KJH The Hill

Round 7 Burpee Twist and Plank Jacks – we made 10 and 15 – and only 1 trip up the hill.

Mosey to COT

All in all we covered about 2.4 miles – timing could have been better to do more hill work next time.

Shout out to Popeye – good to see him during the week – we did some running and he just pushes through even with a bad knee.

The LRC was strong this morning – Deflated had an extra hop in his step and was out in front with Smithers and Foundation.

Rockwell – aka “the  silent assassin” – he doesn’t say much during the workouts – but he’s there at every turn leading the way.

Deadwood – i could sense a Q jack coming but it never came – he was out pushing the pace in front. well done.

Carbload – joining the shirtless gazelles – a site to see – but I only saw the bare-back as he was out in front. No thong gate here.

And Schnieder – we’re not the fastest in the group – we seem to have the same pace -so when I see Tom making moves to the front of the line I get going as well. Way to push me.

Prayers up to CarbLoad’s B-in-law – Cody – hit by car and having some surgeries today (back,,) – Schnieder’s friend – his wife Karen is going through chemo and the Big C.


Keep an eye out for workout site changes for tomorrow. Impromptu may be moving…

Spartan Race – still on?






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