Substitute Smokey

Substitute Smokey

8 PAX ignored the #Fartsack in the unseasonably cool June temps and posted at #Peak51 for their #DRP.


We moseyed around the parking lot, looping back behind Matthews Town Hall for COP.

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 15
  • Squats x 20
  • Windmill x 20
  • Burpees x 5 OYO

Wrong Side of the Tracks

We moseyed over to the parking lot next to the railroad tracks for a little Dora 1-2-3, Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 runs half the length of the parking lot and back. Flapjack

  • Merkins x 100
  • Squats x 200
  • LBCs x 300

On the Move

We headed over to E. Matthew Street stopping off at a parking lot along the way for some Mary, Flutter Kicks, LBCs, etc.

With the group reassembled we were back on the move again stopping in front of the Christopher’s restaurant, for some more PT. 

Stair Challenge

We then moseyed behind Christopher’s for stair work, 2 rounds, run up and down the stairs, then 10 merkins OYO,


  • Flutter kicks x 20
  • Dollies  x 20
  • LBCs x 25


  • Great effort by the PAX, it’s was nice to get out there with the cooler June temps this week.
  • Smokey dm’d me yesterday to swap the Q this week as he was headed to the beach. YHC had a rough plan for this morning but adjusted on the fly and hope to keep the PAX moving while getting some decent mileage in. 
  • The stair work was a complete #Omaha and was a crowd-pleaser. 
  • Someone, I think Sardine, said it felt like a Smokey workout, I’ll take that as a compliment.  
  • Sensei’s COVID beard is strong, I’ve seen it on social media but it’s much better in person.
  • Good to see Tweetsie today all the way from the Metro region to see some old friends. It wasn’t only until recently I learned that he had moved out of the Area 51 region and was no longer in the same neighborhood as Lois. I heard he might be hitting some of the #Varsity Metro workouts like Shark Tank and Ranger soon.
  • #Kotters to Dora, he’s coming out of quarantine and starting to post again and joined me early for a some pre-ruck miles. 
  • Sardine was partnered with YHC during Dora 1-2-3 and quickly knocked out the majority of the merkins, #Cobains
  • O’Tannenbaum came in hot as usual, fortunately we looped back to the launch point where he joined us. He remarked that if he knew we were going to head back to the launch point he would kept going there rather than jumping out of his car.
  • YHC miscalculated the distance to the 3rd streetlight, as O’Tannenbaum noted that it was a long way, so we audibled. 
  • I missed any trivia nuggets from Lois this morning, there must have been some right?
  • We were joined by our Sparta brothers for Mary who seemed to wrap up their run just in time. 
  • Gypsy is moving to Richmond Virginia in a few weeks, his son will be starting VMI in the fall. HeQ’d his last Area 51 workout at Sparta this morning and we want to thank him for his leadership and contributions to Area 51. Best wishes brother on your new adventure. 
  • Full House was putting in the work this morning, thanks for posting and keep it up.
  • Thanks to Sensei and Lois for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any #Mumblechatter


  • Follow F3 Metro on the Twitter for upcoming blood drives. Blood donations are in high demand with the COVID situation. 
  • Sign up to Q Peak 51, see Lois and Sensei
  • Circuit City Q at Rock Zero Saturday 0700

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