And just like that…….. the streak is over

And just like that…….. the streak is over

What can I say, I’ve had a long week and forgot all about Qing the Floater and definitely forgot about the BB. Thankfully Carb Load reminded me the day before or audibles would have been flying!!

Warmup: With about 45secs until launch, in the distance, we hear it.  You know that low chug chug chug….chug chug chug.  The damn train.  We finally spot it with about 30secs until go time and my eyes are fixed on my watch as if it would speed up the train.  5:30 hits. Let’s go, boys, pace yourself and get after it. About 5 mins in we were all spent. Nonstop burpees take a toll on you. I think it was about 6.5 mins and the train was out of sight.

Let’s mosey!

Mosey to the B-Ball court and circle up, I mean we just did like 50+ burpees….we were warm.

SSH x 5 IC

Calf stretch

Merkins – Wide, Regular, Diamond x 5 IC

The Thang:

I referred back to past BB and a simple yet effective exercise. I remember that last time I tried it I audibled (SHOCKER) so we didn’t finish.  Today there would be no audible.

7’s on Bad Idea – blahhhh

Recalculating was behind me and I overheard him say..Yep, this is going to be a running work out.

The 7’s felt like they would never end! We ran up and down that hill for around 20-25 mins, roughly 2 miles. TERRIBLE!

At the top 6 MH’s

At the bottom 1 squat – 5-2, 4-3

Even though Recalculating yell out OMAHA  OMAHA as we met each on the hill I was going to finish. Done!

Mosey to the wall for some Donkey Kick holds. We didn’t have time for the entire web thanks to the 7’s. We also skipped the b-ball court, I had some fun stuff planned! Let’s mosey.

At each intersection, not side paved driveways Carb Load, knock out 3 burpees. At the BBQ restaurant, we held for the 6 that was already pulling in. We crossed the street and ran over the bridge. At this point, some of the pax got a little worried. A founding member on LRC was upfront leading and almost took us down Providence Rd N. I yelled LEFT, LEFT. He turned, that was close. Some of the pax would have been able to hold a 7:30 pace and make it back on time and I definitely wasn’t going to Hooch it.

We pulled into COT with 2 mins remaining. On your six.

20 Flutters IC


20 Pretzel crunches IC….DONE!

The Moleskine:

Thank you for enduring Bad Idea with me. It sucked but we got through it. Keep your eye on O-69 he is getting fast, he was jogging up Bad Idea. Thanks for letting me lead and my apologies for killing the streak. It had to happen at some point. haha.

I took us out.


100 Pax Challenge

Spartan Race June 27th – all skill levels welcome



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