Downtown with the Boys

Downtown with the Boys

Diccs given- modify as needed, do not sue anyone, cell phone, cpr, careful with cars

Warm up- chicken little

Mosey around the block

Circle up

20- SSH

15- Imperial Walkers

Stretch left, right middle and down to a plank

5 slow merkins in cadence

plank, elbow plank, right arm high,  right leg high 10 seconds, plank

plank, elbow plank, left arm high, left leg high 10 seconds, plank

5 slow merkins in cadence- RECOVER

The Thang – Schneider

4- corners from the church parking lot around the block

Start – 5 bomb jacks

stop sign 1- 5 Mike Tysons and back to start for 5 bomb jacks

stop sign 2- 5 dry docks and back to start but when passing stop sign #1 5 Mike Tysons and 5 Bomb Jacks at start

stop sign 3- 10 Mike Tysons and repeat stop sign 2 and 1 and 5 bomb jacks at start

stop sign 4- 10 Dry docks and repeat stop sign 3, 2 and 1 and 5 bomb jacks at start.

Mosey to end of parking lot where the wood raised barricades for arm work ( schneider)

15- derkins and sprint to stop sign near church mosey back

30 dips ( 15 left leg out and 15 right leg out) sprint to stop sign and mosey back

rinse repeat 3 more times..

Long mosey around block

circle up for merkin wave of sort ( chicken little)

Every Pax member stay in  plank while one PAX member does 1 merkins and next Pax does a merkin after him a continue this while everyone is in a PLANK until we get to 125 merkins as a group– whew….

Short Mosey around block

rinse repeat Merkin wave but go to 150- Thanks Deadwood for Q jacking– SHOCKER!!

Short Mosey around block circle up for ab WORK ( schnieder)

20 – lbcs, 20 heels to heaven, 20 gas pump’s– do not let feet touch ground!! – RINSE REPEAT 1 more round

20- Flutters/20 lbcs- done…


As always it was  a great pleasure for Schneider and I to lead this group of men within our community, everyone pushed hard and sweated like madmen in the humid Waxhaw morning. Even with a sneaky late night call to another unofficial site by the one and only Bottlecap, we still had 15 dudes that bettered themselves today by getting their butts out of bed and getting stronger physical and mentally with their brothers.

Announcements- 0-69 is having beers at his house in Briarcrest Friday night after 7:30pm- 1903 Robbins meadows drive Waxhaw ( if you pull in Braircrest the Enclave side take first left and he is second house on left, he has a large back patio and pool. If you want to park in my driveway go ahead 1817 Robbins Meadows drive, I will be out of town.

We are still taking donations through venmo and paypal for 100 PAX challenge- $7,500 currently– lets go boys

Protest is scheduled in downtown Waxhaw 5-7pm many PAX will be there with 2.0’s and M’s

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