“May you live in interesting times”

“May you live in interesting times”

As I sit down to write this ‘blast, my mind and heart are absolutely churning.  There are so many thoughts and feelings competing for my attention, but more on that after the break:


The Thang: May started, much as April ended.  We were all still under stay at home orders, we were all complying in our own ways, and F3 was still officially “closed”.  The PAX responded incredibly well to the April challenge, and provided many opinions on how to improve the competition should we do it again…. so we did.  Here is how the challenge worked

  1. PAX logged every work out they completed (and I do me all) in a google sheet.  Each workout contained the date, PAX name, Type of workout, minutes, and intensity.
  2. The sheet used super complicated magical excel math to calculate a “score” based off of the intensity and minutes logged.
  3. The sheet then looked at had the individual worked out the day before (and before, and before, and before…) to establish a “streak score”
  4. Finally the Sheet totaled the streak scores into 2 score boards, one based on “raw” scoring and the other modified by a a derivative of the % of days the individual had worked within the challenge.

TL/DR?  PAX got points for working out long, at high intensity, and consistently.  The intent was to give the PAX a level playing field so they could work the way that made sense for them despite their passion (bells, running, rucking etc…).  As before the challenge was intended to give men an opportunity to simulate some of the competitive spirit which keep our workouts “spicy” and engaging.

A few stats regarding outcomes of the challenge:

  • Winner: Cheddar (High Tide 2nd, YHC 3rd)
  • Most Days Worked: 31 (9 PAX worked out every darn day)
    • Editors Note: At least 5 “perfect” PAX were also 100% in April for a total of 61 day streak.  Of those 5, at least 2 where 100% for March Madness for a total of 92 days straight under power… WHAT?!?!
  • Average Days Worked: 24 (655 total)
  • Average Minutes Per Workout: 48 (44,124 total… thats 735 hours)
  • Most Worked Activities: Cardio45 %, Bootcamp 20%
  • Most Common Intensity: Medium 40%, High 27%


Ye Skinny Moleskin:

After April, I really wasn’t expecting a huge response to the May episode, man was I wrong!  What an impressive push from a group of truly exemplary athletes…

Coming into 2020, I was a complete mess. My health, nutrition and mental outlook were probably the worst they’ve been in a couple years.  Today, as I write this, I am in the best shape of my adult life.  I’d hazard a guess that COVID body has a completely different meaning in the F3 Nation than it does anywhere else.  I won’t say the challenges were solely responsible for that, but I believe they were a factor.  Not only is my body fitness in an amazing place, so are my emotional and spiritual fitness.

The isolation introduced to us by the pandemic created a quiet space for me to think. At first, that was NOT a good thing, but once I got done climbing the walls from social withdrawal, it become a place of comfort.  I was able to look inside, and outside, of myself to better understand where I wanted my place in the world to be.  As I have exited isolation and started to reenter the world, I am better grounded in how I want to show up.  I’d love to talk to any and all of you about where I landed if you’d like, but that is NOT why I am writing today, so lets move on…

A titled the ‘blast with one of my favorite sayings.  The story goes this was a blessing, and curse, in ancient China.  “May you live in interesting times” refers to the diversion of life, but also the challenges which can crop up as well.  My, we are living in interesting times!  My heart is saddened by the state of the world today.  Never have I looked at our environment and seen so many chasms blocking our path to solidarity.  People are sad, they’re confused, they’re hurt, and they’re afraid. I include myself among those people.  The world is in need of leaders who put the betterment of their communities and the world at large ahead of their own agendas or aspirations.  The world is aching for a banner to rally behind and for the truth and unity that banner represents.

I will not claim to know what banner to which we should rally, but I know for myself I pray create an environment of compassion, of grace, of tolerance, and of understanding to support those whom I come in contact with in my every day life.  Maybe that will be enough to help them find some answers, and move forward in their own healing and growth.

For each of you reading this (and for those who are not) I offer a simple prayer.  May God place upon your heart an ounce of his wisdom, a measure of his grace, a sliver of his love, and a landslide of his serenity so you may represent him and his love to those in your worlds.  In a world in turmoil, may you be a steady light in the storm so those around you might find a way to safe harbor.

I love each and every one of you, for the man you inspire me to be, and for the examples you provide regarding where I can grow each and every day.




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