History Made

History Made

The SpaceX historical launch is so yesterday’s news.  Today represented the merge of the unofficial El Patron into the official BaseCamp.  No one knew what to expect when this band of ragtag men would join the well-oiled F3 powerhouse.  Like when Rodman joined the Bulls.  Or South Carolina joined the SEC.

TigerNet: Classy South Carolina fans throw things, flip birds ...

Heck, even JetFuel showed up without his shirt tucked in.

Actually, here’s the historical part: Unofficial records verified by PwC confirm this is the first gathering of more than 10 pax where everyone was over the age of 40.  Accurate disclosure given with a plea, given the age group, to modify as necessary.


During the quarantine, every Wednesday night I would watch Survivor and read the Exicon to find some new exercises, and break them out on Thursday morning for the not-F3 meet-up at Amelie’s.  Most of them crashed and burned, but the good ones are thriving and, in some cases, becoming crowd favorites.

Sprinklers x 16  (nothing special about the number 16, other than its just the Euro-way of saying June 1 (ie, 1 June, or 1/6)

Air Dramas x 16 (you’ll feel these later… see also below)

Mountain Climbers x 16

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 16


Mosey at decent pace to Rosecliff, along the way perform 5 Wolverines at each speed-bump

Triple Nickel, 5 merkins at bottom of the hill; 5 jump squats at top

LBCs while the 6 comes in

Mosey at a less decent pass back to launch site, along the way perform 5 burpos at each speed-bump

* 1st complaint lodged as to number of “burpee-adjacent” exercises, duly noted by YHC these were also the last of said exercises

Back in parking lot, time for some COVIDs with appropriate measures in place:

If you don't laugh, you cry: Coping with virus through humor | WJLA

C- Crab Cakes

O – Squat with and Overhead Press

V- V-ups

I – Imperial Walkers

D- Dry Docks

10 of each (50 exercises total) and then run lap around parking lot.  3 Phases of COVID reopening in Carolina, so 3 rounds.

At this point, jog at a snail’s pace to the rock pile – partner up with each pax grabbing a rock, with disclosure given multiple times to grab a lighter rock because we were going to do some “funky” (exact words) exercises.

Partner 1 runs to bleachers for 10 step ups (each leg); Partner 2 does bird pickers with rock (if you thought you’re gonna feel the air dramas later, just you wait).  Flap Jack.

Next round, Partner 1 does 15 supine pull-ups; Partner 2 does goblet squat.

Final round, Partner 1 does 15 dips; Partner 2 does flutter kick with rock press.


Under 3 miles, as promised to Semi.


Not a lot of chatter, today just seems a little weird given all that’s going on in Charlotte / the US / the world.  I am sure we call agree we could listen to stories from Spackler’s 4oth bday all day and be entertained.  Floor Slapper continues to be our medical and science expert on all things COVID.  And Whiteclaw’s legend continues to grow!  Once the seltzery opens, be on the lookout for the unofficial official beer run starting and ending at Summit Seltzer!

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4 months ago

Solid Q, Clover. Triple Nickel on Rosecliff NEVER, EVER disappoints. We are thankful to still have Spackler amongst the living as he narrowly dodged a missile disguised as a F150 this morning. WTH was wrong with that driver??? Total d-bag move. On a serious note, all PAX needs to be aware while running the roads of South Charlotte as traffic begins to increase amidst the COVID hangover.
And for the record, my shirt was tucked in just prior to launch. #callingcard

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