Man down!!!!

Man down!!!!

I was reminded on Thursday that I had to Q Friday morning at the Swarm and I was not looking forward to it. Normally I would take any and every Q but this week with lack of sleep, missing workouts  and getting crushed at Clyent Dinner (no oxygen in the air) I wasn’t about it.  Plus our Waxhaw Express team has a 10k race Saturday morning. Ugh

Let’s see how it went down!!

At 5:44 Gerber says “1 min”. He didn’t need to yell, there was only 4 of us.

At 5:45 we start a slow mosey (7:45p) down the path towards the Rudy’s house of horrors, hang a left towards the stadium/traffic circle.

At 5:48.51 MAN DOWN!! This wasn’t a laughing matter or is it now.

Gerber was running along fine with the group and said he felt a small pain in his back but pushed through it. Dasher and I were chatting it up up front and I told him we were doing an opening mile…slow.  We have a race tomorrow.  “Deadwood, you know when we do an opening mosey mile we go the opposite direction to avoid the hill, that we were currently  approaching.  I’ve been know to cave to complaining pax but he did have a point, we needed to take it a little easy, we have a race.


We circled up, well it was more like a square, at the corner of the lot.  Damascus this next one was for you but you won’t post. “wink”

“First exercise….Side Straddle Hop….IC.Exercise” is what I should have called, why fix it when it isn’t broke?

What I actually said was calf stretch (told you Damascus) so we all started stretching. I think this was around that point during the runners lunge when Gerber knew he was hurt.

We pause for a minute and see if he’s ok, he tries to push through, but has already slowed to a “insert pax” level. This wasn’t looking good. I’ve injured my back before and it hurts.  When the pain hits it’s sharp as a knife and direct.

We all mosey over to the other corner to start the workout. I’m asking Dasher on the way over if we should go grab a car? I let every know what we were about to do and Gerber is in obvious pain. BUT STILL WONT STOP!

We take off and we get to the bottom of the first of the four corners and as we are heading back Gerber tells us he is done. We asked if he needed anything, he didn’t.  We moved forward.

We did the normal stuff you do at swarm, post and you will see.

After the workout, myself and a few pax checked on Gerber… he was down. I have tens unit (google it) and I dropped it by his house.

When arrived I was greeted with a slow moving Gerber. I think he hated being hurt, but knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to run in our last Waxhaw Express race hurt way more.  If you know his competitive edge you would agree.

This afternoon Dasher checked in on the team and Gerber isn’t ready to race tomorrow, we already knew this but had to hear from the former triathlete himself.

Under Dashers lead, we agreed, that if Gerber can’t run then none of us will run. Noble call Dasher, well done. Secretly I was DREADING the 10k.

Gerber, we all wish you a speedy recovery man.


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