A nearly unBEARable Jack Webb

A nearly unBEARable Jack Webb

4 PAX showed at the re-opening of The Arsenal. It’s been a pretty wet and rainy week, so YHC planned a Wienke that would avoid the grass and mud and what I’m sure was a swamp of a practice field. The disclaimer was delivered, this time I remembered the new bits too and we were off at 0530 on the dot.


From launch, take a lap around ILES stopping in the bus parking lot for a warmup.

  • 15 IC SSH
  • 10 IC Merkin
  • 15 IC IW
  • 30 IC Moroccan Nightclub


  • Finish the lap around the school back to launch for a Jack Webb variation, which was to be followed by 2 more laps around the school and 2 more Jack Webbs.
  • Jack Webb #1 – 1x Carolina dry dock, 4x bear crawls, 2x Carolina dry docks, 8x bear crawls, 3x CDD, 12x crawls… 10x CDD, 40x crawls.
  • 1/2 mile lap around ILES – a very welcome break, arms already smoked.
  • Jack Webb #2 – the traditional merkin / air presses – those first 4 air presses hurt, the last 40… ouch.
  • 1/2 mile lap around ILES.
  • Jack Webb #3 – a welcome switch to abs with 2 count flutters and LBC’s – by the end I was ready to go back to arms/shoulders.
  • Final 1/2 mile lap around ILES put us at time, with total about 2.5 miles.


  • As more AO’s are opening, remember the PAX that are still taking advantage of the virtual for whatever their reason may be.
  • YHC will be one of them when the new baby arrives in the next couple of weeks! I’m pretty glad there will be the option for it.


  • The beatdown was pretty intense. I planned the bear crawl Webb as the final but decided to knock it out first which turned out to be a good idea. It was a doozy for sure. There were a couple of 10 counts to bring some life back to the arms and the following lap was with my arms hanging by my sides.
  • 40 bear crawls clears ILES parking lot. Good to know.
  • I Q’d The Brave last week but there was no IC counting. I forgot how difficult it can be. I had only done a warmup lap and was still somewhat struggling to keep the count for the warmup.
  • It was great to see some of the regulars back out at The Arsenal. I look forward to more showing up at future workouts.
  • Atlas grew a mean quarantine beard, and pre-ran under the radar! I only knew from Strava.
  • Thanks, Soft Pretzel, for taking us out. Kudos for back to back posts, coming from The Maul, after quarantine capped with a beach trip. Keep up the good work.
  • Happy Meal showed up strong as always as if he wasn’t coming out of quarantine.
  • C3P0 on deck for Q next week!

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