In Memorium

In Memorium

12 Faithful (6 Respects!) posted in the heavy gloom of RockZero to honor those who served, and take the Red Pill.

It went something like this:


Run to lot nearest 51: IC SSH x 20, Squats x 15, Merkins x 10, 5 Burpees OYO.

Mosey to Rock Pile: 20 each OYO. Curls, Triceps, Overhead. Rinse & Repeat.

Mosey to turf, count by 3’s.

1-Bear Crawl up and around turf.

2- Hold Plank in courtyard.

3-People’s Chair.

Bear Crawl was timer; release a man planking when done, he moves to People’s Chair, they move to Bear Crawl. Rotate thru all stations.

Citation of Gallantry and Honor read.

Run to Avenue of Trees: Ascending Merkins at each tree to end, Descending Squats back to start. 11 Trees.


Run to top of hill at soccer fields for Mary: RockHoppers, V-Ups,  LBCs.

Mosey to middle lot for Suicides.

Run to Baseball field. Count by 4’s.

1st base- Jump Squats

2nd- Speed Skaters

3rd-Mary Catherines

Home- Back Lunges

20 reps each station, rotate thru all 4.

Run back towards Calvary for another citation.

Indian Run to cemetery flag pole, Citation, and 10 minutes of 100 Burpees suffered in silence.


My thanks to Geraldo and Hoover for the opportunity to lead this Memorial Day in the COVID gloom. And T-Claps for the citation readings.

Great to have Waxhaw pax Transporter and Shop Dog join us. Been missing my bible study brothers.

Extra credit to Hoover, Pro, and OT (i think he was the one) for running at 0630.


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6 months ago

I also think O’Tannenbaum hammered out about 175 Burpee‘s. BLC Would have nothing to do with exercises in the grass #refusenik. Nemo looks like he should’ve been over swinging kettle bells as he’s gotten huge #swole. Pro pointed out that this tradition on memorial day Saturday started at Day Zero; we’re all thankful the tradition still lives

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