Always a great day when YHC gets to lead a bunch of F3 Waxhaw PAX.  Strong and faithful men all around and even stronger personalities. All were on display today as we ran our way West and South in our little town of Waxhaw, NC.

We counted off by 1’s & 2’s and the groups were appropriately separated for distancing. Foundation took the 2’s and YHC took the 1’s. Our individual DiCCS + 10-10-Fart were delivered and then we had a brief period of awkward silence as I was a little pre-mature on the DiCCS…  (insert That’s what she said…)


Mosey to the church and did 20 X SSH – IC, 20 X IW – IC, 15 X Merkins – IC, Held plank & 6″ for a minute then Calf Stretch, Upward and Downward Dog for a 10 count each.


7’s – From church parking lot to the other church parking lot on the next block stopping in the middle for 10 X Dry Docks we did Burpees at the start up to 6 and V-Ups down from 6 at the end.

This took 20 minutes and we ran 2 miles. Way longer than anticipated. Oh well, live and learn…

Mosey to 701 Main parking lot

Explained the exercises and Zinfandel accused me of Copyright infringement on Rockwell’s Q from a week or so ago but it was actually planned the previous week in anticipation of having to lead a 3rd group at the Floater if necessary. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…)  So we did Bear Crawl 3 parking spaces, Crab Walk 3 parking spaces, Crawl Bear 3 spaces and Walk Crabs for 3 spaces and then hot lap around the building. R/R X 2 more times.

Arg!  only 9 mins left.  No time for triple nickel at ABI so we plank up for 2 minutes rotating 6″ and regular every 30 secs.

Mosey to North Mainstreet via sidewalk, (via middle of the road for a couple), and stop at the exceptionally high curbs on Main for 50 X Tri-cep dips, rest 10 count and 25 X Tri-cep Dips.  Feel the burn boys!

Recover and Mosey to COT and done.

Re-grouped at appropriate distance for count-o-rama at COT. I thought it was a better way to close it out, personally. Agree with Deadwood that it felt weird last week to keep the groups completely separated at COT’s.

Great push by all and everyone stayed together (10 feet apart of course). Looking back on the Mosey from 701 Main to North Main St., no one was lagging behind and kept up with the group. That tells me we were either running really slow or everyone keeps getting stronger.

Zinfandel takes the “Floatey” for over-achiever for the day. Direct quote : “V-Ups are too easy, let’s do more!” or something like that…

Glad to see Shake N’ Bake out there today. I hope that is a more common thing for him and us. The dude brings the whole next level of “Go get it”.

Tanyatine: keep posting brother! Great seeing you out again today.

As always leaders make even better followers and I was blessed to lead a fine group of men today.

See “Minimalist Weinke at the Floater” for announcements

YHC took us out

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