Dig down

Dig down

6 were ready to roll for vArsenal/RebelYell.  Then the Q (YHC) showed up on Zoom at 5:29 (& 20 seconds). I was also ready several minutes earlier but then dogs started barking at my back door.  After taking care of that issue, we started!

Warmup up:
-Imperial Squat Walkers, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Merkin, Potato Pickers

Run Out 1 – do 15 Jump Squats & 15 Wide Merkins, run back.

WAMRAPS (approx 3:30 to 4 minutes each round…

-15 Monkey Hump, LBC, Carolina Dry Dock

-12 Curls, Shoulders, Sister Mary Cath

-12 Dips, Diamond Merkin, Romanian Dead Lifts

Run out 2 minutes – do 20 Flutters, 20 Side Merkins (each side…so 40 total).  Did some Mary and Plank upon return.

more AMRAP

-15 Superman, Calf Raises, Triple Lindy

-10 Incline Merkin, Speed Skater, Sit ups

Run out 1 minute, 15 Wide Merkin & 15 Jump Squats, and SPRINT BACK!!

some Mary and awesome Yoga stretches, and snuck in some 6 inches Plank Jack for good measure. Done!

MOLESKIN-  great to see you guys on when I finally showed.  Irony of being almost late is I had a vivid, troubling dream that I had overslept my Q.   Weinke was set the night before (as always, and always written out), and was prepared for conditions of either heavy rain (or not).  Beautiful morning and great push.

Guys these are strange times.  We are all seeing people grow weary, and fall out of healthy routines.  And that’s when we need to dig down and tap into faith and grit- move forward personally and as leaders in our community, family, and work.  Get out and post F3, & grab a friend or 2.  You’ll benefit and so will we all.

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