Jack Webb Qs the last vBagpipe??

Jack Webb Qs the last vBagpipe??

Cooter2 asked YHC to Q vBagpipe tomorrow.  Already on the calendar for Swole and Da Vinci, I was hesitant but I realized I might not have many more opportunities for virtual Qs in the future so I decided to take it.  We really didn’t really have a lot of variety but we did a lot of reps.

9 pax eventually made it into the zoom room and at 530 we were off.

20 SSH

20 IW

20 Windmill

2 minute run

11s of burpees and jump squats

2 minute run

Now that the blood is flowing, time for the main event…JACK WEBB

1 merkin + 4 air presses, 2 merkins + 8 air presses…….10 merkins + 40 air presses

2 minute run

Jack Webb Abs 1 heel to heaven + 4 lbcs, 2 heels to heaven + 8 lbcs…..10 heels to heaven + 40 lbcs

2 minute run

Jack Webb Legs 1 squat + 4 calf raises, 2 squats + 8 calf raises…..10 squats + 40 calf raises

2 minute run

Plank until 615



This workout was simple but tough.  And time did seem to fly by.  Pretty good WIB to keep in mind when you can’t post(weather, travel, etc.) and don’t have any gear.


Some AOs will be opening over the next week(Da Vinci, Bagpipe, Rebel Yell etc), keep an eye on slack to see which of your favorite workouts will be held in person vs virtually.

As workouts reopen, remember that not everythings is “back to normal” just yet.  Pax are asked to remain in small groups(less than 10), avoid partner exercises, pax touching the same things(gear/pullup bars), and have a socially distant COT.  It is up to site Qs to figure out if we are welcome back at the respective AOs.


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