400’s at 58 mins in, really?!”

400’s at 58 mins in, really?!”

Ignition.  What can I say about that AO? Come to work, the pace is fast and you might dry heave (more to come on that). One thing I know is that the AO seems to be faster.  The pax showing up are quick!  There hasn’t been any circling back for pax in the last few weeks and it’s nice.  I’m not saying slower Pax should avoid the site but it is nice to progress forward and not wait around. Ignition will and does accommodate all speeds. 

I was still tired from the previous week due to the high mileage Waxhaw Express maintained but I was up for the challenge. I roll up and see Ice 9 pumped and ready to go so I knew I would have to really push to get that guy puking so would feel he got his moneys worth.

DiCCS was given, or was it??

I didn’t do a very good job relaying the message and the Px came a little empty-handed. Not passing the buck, but if you’re told we will be going off-campus and that a headlamp (which about 90% of us have) is highly recommended I would say that’s on you. We are adults and we should heed warnings such as wear a headlamp. It was getting light outside but it was pretty dark on the trails.  Site Q’s have discussed and pass the info to the Q’s and/or be at the workout to further reiterate or audible the weinke if its deemed unsafe. We don’t want anyone hurt and we know you don’t want to get hurt. Let be diligent about safety, it’s getting lax and I’m just as guilty.

5:45 and we take off headed to the Lawson clubhouse. Almost immediately we are at a 6:45/7:00 pace and pretty much held it all the way there. Ice 9 will push the envelope if you let him and I can’t just let him take off without me! Arrive at the clubhouse. We had to wait about 15-20 secs and Wolverine came hobbling in looking like an old man in a young man’s body! Apparently he was on his 5th workout of the day and he crashed his mountain bike.  Although he was gimpy he still kept up with no problem, really! Nice work.

The Warmup: Circile up


15 IW IC

Merkins-sets of 5 IC

Wide, regular, diamond

Calf Stretch (Damascus stop fartsacking)

Runners lunge

Lets mosey!


The Thang: *pull out a map and follow the directions

1. Make left out of main Lot

       a. First L on trail

       b. First L

       c. At next left (Bridge) 20 DD

2. Cross Bridge, Take R

      a. Stay R on trail until Cul da sac RINGTAIL DR

3. 10 Merkins Each intersection L on DEER MEADOW to Culdasac

4. ABS – @ Culdasac

        a. 25 Vups

        b. 20 Pistol – Each

        c. LETS MOSEY – TAKE R on Trail

5. First L to Bridge

       a. Bear Crawl Bridge

       b. 15 DD

6. TAKE L on Trail


       a. 5 Squat each Intersection

       b. L on PERIWINKLE

       c. L on BLUE STONE to Culdasac

       d. @ Culdesac – 10 DD – Hit Trail

        i. Mosey STAY LEFT

       e. Take R at End-STAY straight

8. At Road – Hang L Stay To End

       a. 5 Jumps Lunges All INTERS

9. L on Lawson DR

10. L at the school entrance and stop at an intersection near COT.

       a. 400m run w/ 3 burpees each intersection.              

.          pause at the end of the 400.

       b. 400m back AYG

Back to COT…DONE


The Moleskine:

I like Ignition, I like the push and the speed. If you have never tried it and have enough competitive drive to want to keep up then you should definitely come out and try it. You WILL NOT get left behind. Nails, Nails, Nails…I was really impressed at how well you kept up today! 20-30 lbs lighter really makes a difference when running. Nice job.  Tool Time! The dude came into F3 on fire. First new Pax, since Wolverine I’ve seen that has come into the fold, hits all the running workouts and has zero problems keeping up, not sure if I’ve ever heard him breathe hard during a work out… well-done man and welcome.

The rest of the speed demons nice work but of course you are always super quick not even burpees slow you down. Bottle Cap didn’t like the idea of doing 2-400’s the last couple of minutes of the workout but he outran me so there you go. Rubbermaid the only Respect present today, well done. You might be the fastest but your endurance is great, some may not know that he completed a 30 or 50K ultra last year. Beast!

Let talk about Ice 9. My goal today was to clock miles. Low rep counts and go. We arrived after the opening mile and started dry heaving towards the end of the warmup.  What is it about running hard that makes you puke?? Its happened to me. We run the long stretch of the trial and at the end he’s heaving again! Up the road we go and on one of the stops he finally lets it fly!! I think Bottle Cap witnessed the crime scene and I heard it…. If you’ve never been to a workout with Ice 9 when you do you will see what I mean. He goes hard to point of sickness. Well done Ice 9, You may need a rename.


Thanks for letting me lead Gerber and Hollywood always a pleasure.  I took us out.


100 Pax challenge. The goal is to get 100 Pax (we are at 25-28 pax) to donate $100 and donate the money among a few charities.

To donate:

Venmo – @F3Waxhaw

Paypal – F3Waxhaw

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