A Tour of the Hills of Zinfanwood…

A Tour of the Hills of Zinfanwood…

My 43rd Q at the site that turned me from a boy into the hairy man I am today. I love this site but damn it so much of the pain is a little tricky to deliver while properly social distancing. Thought we would clock a tour checking out some new real estate in the Waxhaw area, throw exercises in and try to break some Strava records. Because that’s important…

3mins before take off, DW ain’t around and I kill time dancing while rolling through the Extended DiCCS. Count off due to over 10 men and it’s time to roll.


Mosey around for a bit and head to the church parking lot. Circle up for….

1. 30 x SSH IC

2. 10x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 10 x Merkins IC

4. 20 x Imperial Walker

5. 10 x LS Squats IC

6. Calf Stretch

Mosey out to main road and complete 3 burpees and 10 Speedskaters per light. Al Gore while you wait for the 6. Cross together.

Mosey to the lot and circle up for Merkin Pistol Webb. Start at 10 and 40. Work your way down to 1 and 4. Interesting. It’s worse in a different way going backwards.

Another Bad Idea. Record is 43 seconds by some punk kid. Start of the skateboard lot to the top of the street. Jailbreak. I tied the record set by some young punk we don’t know. Take that kid!

Top of the hill. 30 x Carolina Dry Docks

Make a left and then at the T, 30 x Jumping Lunges

Make left and head down to curve, 40 x American Knockouts

Run straight until Sharon Road, 5 x burpees OYO.

Run the curve all the way to the graveyard, plank 60secs and then straight into 10 x Merkins.

Jailbreak down Bad Idea. Record is 45 seconds from Kid Rock. Let’s roll

Let’s mosey 10 yards and grab some wall.

• 30 x Air presses with heel lifts

• 30 x Jabs with Toe Lifts

Mosey back due to time. Stop for 30 x dips CC and 20 x H2H IC.

Back to COT, run a bit further to clock the 3mi officially.


Beautiful morning in a great area. Everyone was safe except for East Button’s calf. Sadly it blew out again as he was attempting to keep up with me, you gotta knock that off. That ship has sailed….

I didn’t get our HRs rolling like usual but we kept it moving. After those two 1/8-1/4mi jailbreaks I was dying but others moseyed it based on how long I was waiting at the end. Lock it up!

Overall everyone did great and it’s awesome to see everyone. Keep posting and pushing yourselves! Ping a buddy you haven’t seen in a while to join tomorrow and/or Saturday. We all need this…


Q Source is starting up fresh starting tomorrow with Shop Dawg leading the chat. It will take place right after Impromptu and will last 30mins. Bring a coffee cup to enjoy some of Shops delicious coffee that he plans to provide and a chair to get comfy

100 PAX Challenge. A BackBlast on this has been posted but here are a couple bullet points:

– We are incredibly blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization

– Lots of PAX are fortunate and looking to give back during this time

– The 100 PAX challenge is a challenge to get 100 PAX to each give $100 for a total of $10,000

– We would give away all this money to 2-4 local charities in $2,500 or $5,000 grants

– Interviews to be conducted with local charities to see how F3 could partner with them for the long term

– We are in need of 2-3 add’l PAX to be a part of initiative

– No obligation to give $100; give what you can

Thanks for the support. Reach out to myself or @Keith Balaniz with questions.

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