46th Birthday Tabata

46th Birthday Tabata

Didn’t sleep particularly well last night. Between the panic to not miss my Q and the random car alarm at 2am, that didn’t stop me from jumping up early and leading the PAX on a non-stop beatdown.

Side straddle hop x 20 OYO
imperial walker x 20 OYO
mountain climber x 20 OYO
12-3-6-9 lunges x 4 each direction

40 seconds – 10 seconds rest x 3 sets

2 min run

40 seconds – 10 seconds rest x 3 sets
Overhead Press
Single-Leg Deadlift

2 min run

40 seconds – 10 seconds rest x 3 sets
Tricep Extension
Reverse Lunge Cross
Wide-armed Merkins

10 Burpees
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Squat/Jumps
Total reps 100
6 burpees

1 min
Freddie-Four Count
Heels to heaven 4-count
Half Burpee

Thank you for joining me for my birthday q today. Thank you to Clyent Dinner for the inspiration. I’m spent. I hope you are also. Tabata timer works well when shared via screen with ‘share computer audio’ checked. Used a second computer to still see the pax on full screen. Can I have a birthday beer now? Shout out to all that rucked and continued with it during the workout (WT, Lex).

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