Hitting B.O.M.B.S!

Hitting B.O.M.B.S!

Happy Cinco da Mayo to all.  13 Pax joined YHC for an early morning beatdown to justify the tacos and nachos that would be consumed later.  Two things threw YHC off early 1) the morning storms and 2) a shoddy internet connection due to said storms.  I am thankful for the guys like Cooter who took on some of our first virtual workouts and experienced technical difficulties and showed how to work through them.  Switching from the laptop to the iPhone and going cellular seemed to do the trick. Now that we had those kinks worked out time to get to it.

The Thing:

Standard warmup with no cadence and all OYO:

SSH x 20, IW x 20, potato pickers x 20, mtn climbers x 20

Was then going to go with 30 second run out and 30 second run back but with some lightening and thunder in the area audibled to 30 seconds of high knees.  If it was just raining of course we would have been out there running as if we were in the gloom but lightening, ehhh wanted to be cautious.

On to the main event of the B.O.M.B.S. ladder and in honor of Cinco da Mayo notice the 5 exercises completed in reps of multiples of 5 over 5 sets (trippy huh?):

Burpees x 5

Overhead presses (with weights) x 10

Merkins x 15

Big boy situps x 10

Squats (with weights) x 10

One set of this to get the feel for it.  At this point the weather calmed down so it was 1 minute out and 1 minute back run.  If weather was still sketchy where you were then modified to 30 seconds alternating high knees and butt kickers.

We proceeded to walk up and down this ladder by increasing reps x2 then x3 and walking back down x2 and finishing with the original reps.  1 minute runs out and back broke up each set.  After finishing the 5th and final set we had a couple of minutes left so 2 minutes of flutter and heels to heaven.


It continues to amaze me how we are able to pull these virtual workouts off and get the consistent crowds.  I spoke with a buddy this weekend who does F3 in another town and he said they have no virtual workouts.  He said they have some guys that meet in small groups but for the most part guys are waiting for things to get back to normal.  T-claps gents for keeping this thing going during a pandemic.  I always enjoy when Flutie Flakes joins us so that I can see what the weather is like in New Hampshire.  It is also interesting to see guy’s setups like Patent Pending that had us in his Buffalo Bill room.  The only thing missing was Precious the dog and a bucket with lotion.

Solid work by all.  Hopefully everyone felt like they got their May 5th off to a good start.  Thanks Cooter and Kirby for the opportunity to lead.


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