after the adrenaline…

after the adrenaline…

The adrenaline rush of the quarantine environment has passed.  People are in various stages – weary, fatigued, impatient, and even fed up.  We all want to get back out there, but there are many conflicting opinions & emotions.  But we have to forge ahead.  We have to create new momentum in the various areas of our lives.  And “fitness” is certainly one that seems to to be a huge influence on all of us.  And when we stick together, and look out for one another, it ripples positively in all directions.

Today we really built a bootcamp workout together.  As Q I mapped out a framework for what I hoped we could do, but then all 19 Pax helped “fill in the blanks” to put together a strong beatdown of a Weinke! (at least it was strong on me).  I may have called out about 5% of the workout!

Disclaimer given: Not a pro, suggestions, modify, but GO HARDER (at least by a little bit).

The THANG: (YHC called almost none of below.  And there were a ton of exercises, so this might miss a few)

Warmups of SS Hop, Imp Walk, Peter Parker, Squat

Run Out & Back (around 25 yards) – Butt Kicks there-High Knees back, Side Shuffle there-flap jack back, Carioca there-flap jack back.

Run out/back, but do 2 exercises at the turn, and then 2 exercises back at the base…

  • 1min/1min: Jump Squats & Mike Tysons, then Merkins & Monkey Hump
  • 1min/1min: 8 Count Burpees & LBCs, then Side Lunges & Merkin Shredders
  • 2min/2min: JLows & Box Cutters, then Sit Ups & American Hammers

3 minute “amrap” circuits – we did 2 of them.  Repeat each exercise x10 amrap:

  • 1st: Dips, Curls, Waiter Carry
  • 2nd: Derkins, Goblet Squats, Dips

Back to “1 minute out, 1 minute back”

  • Jump Squats & Calf raises, then Uneven Merkins & SisterMaryKath

Mary – 6 inches, Rosalita

various Plank & 6 inches while we waited, throughout.*

(again I may have missed a couple things.)



Thanks for playing along, and working together to build a strong workout.  So cool we still have 19 in this vMaul, including FlutieFlake in New Hampshire, and Tuck with 2 of his 2.0s and bro-in-law.  Many familiar faces, and some newer ones (welcome Bypass!!). Honeycomb was steaming at the end!

Great job all.  Let’s all make sure to keep reloading our positive effort & energy “after the adrenaline” to create positive momentum in our lives.  It won’t happen by accident.


  • Soft Pretzel- collecting for Sandbox family (significant need, disabled child in need of another home move)

Thanks Point Break for the takeout!

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