Form day in the Crest

Form day in the Crest

Diccs to include social distance and split group in 1/2 today– stress the importance of proper form, slow down and do not worry so much able the number of exercises jut do what you can but do them correctly…

Warm up- .15 mile mosey corner of Shenandoah/laurel hill- 10 Low slow squats and demonstration of proper Curtsy Lunges again by Dixie Chick- Mosey to back cul-de sac on Laurel Hill 15- SSH and 5 low slow merkins before our normal plank. elbow plank, right arm high ( 15 seconds) right leg high ( 15 seconds), plank, elbow plank, left arm high ( 15 seconds) , left leg high ( 15 seconds), plank, elbow plank– rinse repeat but drop to 7 seconds.. Schneider yelled at me about this– Big Ole meanie!! 

Mosey back to Shenandoah and stop at the 1/2 point for the Thang

The Thang– 4 sections and complete 2 times as a group- If you finish early keep going with Ab work until everyone done or do 20 proper speed skaters until everyone is done..

Section 1- 20 LBCS, 20 Pistol LBCS, 10 Big Boys

Section 2- ( COT)- 10 Curtsy Lunges, 10 Forward lunges, 10 Reverse lunges

Section 3- ( Entrance to the glorious Southside of Briarcrest )- Sprint down from COT for 10 jump squats and 10 calve raises (3-5 second pause at top of raise), mosey up to COT backwards , 10 Bomb jacks and 10 Calve raises ( 3-5 second pause at top of raise) – complete this TWO TIMES…

Section 4- Left cul-de sac on Robbins Meadows – 10 heels to heaven, 10 box cutters, 10 gas pumps and 10 leg raises.


Today the PAX was ready to go and 17 peeps pulled themselves out of bed for a AB and Leg day and the Pax pushed hard as usual. A few of our younger PAX needed some words of encouragement from Schneider and I and reminders on form but overall VERY proud of the young bucks and doe’s. We are planning another field trip later in the week most likely Wednesday at Cuthbertson and we did not want to step on anyone’s toes, so if anyone is scheduled over there let me know and we can plan around it.

Announcement- Credit Score and his family took up donations for his church this weekend by placing a box for donations and they collected over 100 items of nonperishable food — AWESOMENESS..



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