A whole flock of chickens for abs and legs

A whole flock of chickens for abs and legs

Diccs give to include social distancing and modify as needed as this workout will be different- core and legs mainly– NEW MOVES Today!!

Warm up

Mosey around briarscrest for .50 miles but stopping at stop signs and intersections to show new exercises before we really start the warm up

10- sumo squats ( toes pointing outward and arms outward)

10- lateral planks ( while in plank move both arm and leg over at sametime about 6-9inches while staying in plank)

10- Fire Hydrants ( while on all 4’s left your leg at a 90 degree angle nice and slow)

10- Kurtsy Lunges ( reverse lunge but with a twist– take your right or left leg across body and twist your body while doing it some– knee going backwards needs t touch ground and keep your core behind knee in front

Circle up

20- Sumo Squats

10- Kurtsy Lunges

20- pistol LBS/10 big boys

Plank/elbow plank/ plank- raise right arm 10 seconds – raise right leg 10 seconds return to plank and rinse repeat left side.

On your back for

15 Dead bugs ( raise right arm to left leg and rinse repeat with left arm and right leg — these SUCK!!)

The Thang

Section one run down hill  FULL SPRINT to cul de sac from stop sign

10- bomb jacks, 10 Kurtsy Lunges , 10 Reverse lunges

on way back up long jump hop 10 times then backward run up hill

At top of hill

25- LBCS, 10 Big Boys, 10 Fire Hydrants

Section two- longer road but no hill

10 long jumps before sprinting 1/2 way to cul-de sac and mosey 1/2 way to cul de sac

10- bomb jacks, 10 Kurtsy Lunges , 10 Reverse lunges

at start of section -25- LBCS, 10 Big Boys, 10 Fire Hydrants

Complete each section 2 times..

Head back to COT

25- LBCS, 10 Fire Hydrants and 10 Sumo Squats



A low mileage total core crushing and leg crushing workout by the PAX today. The Chicken was little off his game cause he really had no idea how this would go so the opening Mosey/warm up took longer than expected explaining the exercises but it was a burner of a workout. The Southsiders came out in force again today and all seemed to like the new exercises. Thanks to 0-69 for taking us out and showing leadership as always with our young lads and ladies. I believe out count today was 15…



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