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Short Circuit

Today was iffy. No rain in the forecast but looking at the sky you would think different. The rain held off but the clouds kept the humidity high. The kind of humidity that just sucks the life out of you with each breath. That same kind of humidity we will be experiencing during our workouts from now to October. Oh well, this is the hand we were dealt and we accepted our challenge ahead.

DiCCs delivered Told the PAX we would be staying off the grass for the duration of the workout…


Was going to take us down to the Tennis courts for warm ups but remembered it was going to take way too long and so I audibled to circle up in the center of the traffic circle. Mushy mess was the status so we did 15 SSHs and headed to our next spot for 15 IW. Moseyed to the backstops of the softball fields and did 10X Merkin IC, right and left calf stretch, upward and downward dog and left and right runners lunge. Pick up a rock if you didn’t bring a coupon and Al Gore while this PAX chose their rock.

moseyed back to COT where we lined up our coupons/rocks for a 10-20-30 Circuit.

Circuit 1: 10 X Burpees, Bonnie Blairs(2=1), Reverse Plank Knee Ups(2=1), Mike Tyson’s & Lap around soccer field staying on sidewalk.
R/R X 2 more rounds

Circuit 2: 20 X Plank Jacks, Speed Skaters(1=1), Curls, Shoulder Presses & Lap around soccer field.
R/R X 2 more rounds

Circuit 3: 30 X Peter Parkers or Parker Peters, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Coupon Bent over Rows & Lap around soccer field
R/R X 2 more rounds

3 minutes of Mary 20 X Flutters, 20 X Heels to Heaven, 40 X Shoulder Taps & 30 second Plank

Return the rocks to their original resting place and done.

Blackhawk is becoming known for 2.0 participation. I’ve been posting here throughout the Pandemic every Saturday and I don’t remember a Saturday after the first “meeting” we didn’t have at least two participating. Today we had four and they didn’t just participate, they brought it in a big way. They’re getting it. They’re pushing themselves and making themselves stronger. It’s great to witness and be a part of their journey.


don’t miss the first launch of a US made Rocket in over 10 years today at 3:00.

100 PAX challenge

Q Source every Friday at 7:00 Cuthbertson MS immediately after workouts

YHC took us out



Chik Fila Tailgate Party

13 PAX gathered at the Pet Smart for DaVinci.  1st in-person time at DaVinci for YHC so wanted to make it a special one.

Warm-up: 2 burpees OYO, 10 IW IC, 4 burpees, 10 Moroccan Night Clubs, 6 burpees, 10 windmills, 8 burpees, 10 low slow squats, and 10 burpees.

Mosey to Best Buy for a bear crawl/merkin combo. After every set of merkins, Q counts out 5 bear crawls so we stay together.  Start with one merkin, civilian count, go up to ten.

Mosey one lap around the entire lot to recover then line up again for Herschel Walkers (shout out to Lex Luther for this one).  PAX line up and Q calls 10 civilian count sit-ups.  On the 10th one, get to your feet and sprint across the lot.  On the other end, line up again and do the same thing with 10 merkins, sprint back.  Repeat three times.

Mosey over to Blakeney and the double stairwell.  Groups of 2 and three for five stations: supine pull-ups (2x bottom of stairs), burpees (2x top of the stairs), and LBCs middle of the top walkway.  YHC designated Frehleys Comet as our pace car and instructed him 15 supines, 5 burpees, and 25 LBCs.  All other PAX rotate as the group behind you advances.  This format worked in my head.  In practice, C+.

Mosey to “the hill with the rock piles.”  Every PAX selects his own lifting rock.  Triple Lindy’s x 10, run to the playground for 20 derkins.  We got three sets in in the time allowed.

Mosey toward launch and stop at the circle fountain for 20 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs; then 15 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs; then 10 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs.  Mosey back and plank until 7:30.

Announcements and Moleskin: Tclaps for Twister for posting 3x in his first week.  Commish brought him out so T Claps for him as well.  Keep working on FNGs everyone.  And on that note…

Now is the time to EH guys who have been absent for a while.  We have had a good first week back as SOB for in-person workouts but there are plenty of guys still on the sidelines.  They just need a little push and will thank you for it.

Virtual work-outs are continuing as well on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  YHC is looking forward to Garage Band Monday morning.  Keep checking Slack for these and other opportunities.

Rock Zero Backblast

23 with an FNG this morning for Rock Zero. Saw Hoover and Flipper pre-running. May have been others. Disclaimer given and we took off. KB crew was doing their thing in the next parking lot over.

Mosey around campus up near the church. Stop at parking lot in front of the gym and circle up.


IW x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Alt Shoulder Taps x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Flutter x 20 IC

Mosey over to Rock Pile and grab a rock.

Rock Set

15s: Curl/Tri Extension/Thruster with 5 Rockee finish

Mosey toward the picnic area by the launch lot. Bear crawl through the courtyard next to the faux grass. Continue mosey to Avenue of Trees turnaround. 15 Heels to Heaven/15 High Flutter each leg. Continue to picnic tables.

Bench Set

15 Step Up/15 Dips/15 Derkins

Turn around and go back with a stop at the turnaround for 15 Heels to Heaven/15 High Flutter and back to your rock.

Repeat until called. We got 3 reps after the intro round. Mary and plank series when completed to regroup. T-claps to the Nantan, Alf, for going back and bringing in the six.

Mosey to Avenue of Trees. Run down the Avenue with a stop at every other tree for 6 Merkins. Mosey back. Plank o rama.

Mosey back to the launch lot.



Proehl set the pace early for the AMRAP set. Alf was close behind with Slow Roll and YHC not too far back. Alf reeled in Proehl to take the win for the set. The quarantine has not slowed him down. Well done. Strong work by all.

FNG Spaceballs put in a strong showing. He is a RESPECT. Great to have him out and T-claps to Hops for the EH.

Speaking of RESPECTS, we had IH, Sweetness, Runstopper, Beaver, Snowflake, OT, and Cottonmouth in this category. Almost 1/3 of our group. Well done, men.

Plenty of mumblechatter this morning. Had Spackler shown, it may have been damn near impossible to maintain order.

Great to have a nice sized, COVID-19 compliant group this morning. Also very nice to have some fellowship at Coffeeteria afterwards. Thanks to Geraldo and Hoover for the opportunity to Q Rock Zero and to Iron Horse for the takeout prayer.

No announcements that YHC can remember. If you have any questions about those new-fangled hammer massagers, or whatever they are called, ask Flippper. He has a pretty sweet model that I am sure most of us would welcome in the arsenal. Have a great weekend men.


Man down!!!!

I was reminded on Thursday that I had to Q Friday morning at the Swarm and I was not looking forward to it. Normally I would take any and every Q but this week with lack of sleep, missing workouts  and getting crushed at Clyent Dinner (no oxygen in the air) I wasn’t about it.  Plus our Waxhaw Express team has a 10k race Saturday morning. Ugh

Let’s see how it went down!!

At 5:44 Gerber says “1 min”. He didn’t need to yell, there was only 4 of us.

At 5:45 we start a slow mosey (7:45p) down the path towards the Rudy’s house of horrors, hang a left towards the stadium/traffic circle.

At 5:48.51 MAN DOWN!! This wasn’t a laughing matter or is it now.

Gerber was running along fine with the group and said he felt a small pain in his back but pushed through it. Dasher and I were chatting it up up front and I told him we were doing an opening mile…slow.  We have a race tomorrow.  “Deadwood, you know when we do an opening mosey mile we go the opposite direction to avoid the hill, that we were currently  approaching.  I’ve been know to cave to complaining pax but he did have a point, we needed to take it a little easy, we have a race.


We circled up, well it was more like a square, at the corner of the lot.  Damascus this next one was for you but you won’t post. “wink”

“First exercise….Side Straddle Hop….IC.Exercise” is what I should have called, why fix it when it isn’t broke?

What I actually said was calf stretch (told you Damascus) so we all started stretching. I think this was around that point during the runners lunge when Gerber knew he was hurt.

We pause for a minute and see if he’s ok, he tries to push through, but has already slowed to a “insert pax” level. This wasn’t looking good. I’ve injured my back before and it hurts.  When the pain hits it’s sharp as a knife and direct.

We all mosey over to the other corner to start the workout. I’m asking Dasher on the way over if we should go grab a car? I let every know what we were about to do and Gerber is in obvious pain. BUT STILL WONT STOP!

We take off and we get to the bottom of the first of the four corners and as we are heading back Gerber tells us he is done. We asked if he needed anything, he didn’t.  We moved forward.

We did the normal stuff you do at swarm, post and you will see.

After the workout, myself and a few pax checked on Gerber… he was down. I have tens unit (google it) and I dropped it by his house.

When arrived I was greeted with a slow moving Gerber. I think he hated being hurt, but knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to run in our last Waxhaw Express race hurt way more.  If you know his competitive edge you would agree.

This afternoon Dasher checked in on the team and Gerber isn’t ready to race tomorrow, we already knew this but had to hear from the former triathlete himself.

Under Dashers lead, we agreed, that if Gerber can’t run then none of us will run. Noble call Dasher, well done. Secretly I was DREADING the 10k.

Gerber, we all wish you a speedy recovery man.


Let me adjust my WEINKE

Happy Friday everyone, the rain is gone, and temp is exactly right to loosen up quickly.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) – Centerfold late again

Warm Up:

  • SSH – 30 seconds
  • Imperial Walkers – 30 seconds
  • Moroccan Nightclub – 30 seconds


The Thang:


Round after Round of Bicep and Triceps

Couple rounds of some awful ab work – I hate Windshield Wipers

Many rounds of Chest Work

More rounds of Bicep and Triceps work


Not a lot of detail on The Thang. I was playing with my Weinke all morning, but I think everyone enjoyed the show. Sometimes you just must play to the crowd. Most of us are still physically and mentally exhausted from Monday, so there was 0.0 chance of us doing anything lower body.

I think everyone got exactly what they deserved today. My arms were shaking while trying to maintain perfect form. (Recalc approved) Today was a sad day when the inevitable happened, we lost Easy Button. We did gain a Dumb Ass Kiss though, so we will celebrate the little wins. The child like banter was on full display again today. Please feel free to come join in one of these days.


  • 100 PAX challenge is here. 100 individual pax donate $100 so that we have a fund to make some impactful local donations in the very near future.

“You Will Get Wet, You May Get Soaked”

All I could think about last night as I was heading to bed was the slogan from Rip Roarin’ Rapids. If you grew up in the Charlotte area, you’re likely familiar with it. There’s a sign just as you walk in that reads: “You will get wet, you may get soaked.” With that in mind, I built the weinke for a little dry and a little wet. Luckily for the 7 PAX who showed up, they didn’t have to worry about either as the rain had stopped by the time we rolled up @ 5:30am. But even without the rain, with the humidity pushing 90%+, it was like working out inside a dog’s mouth.

Here’s what went down.

The Thang

Mosey across 51 and over to the Charlotte Catholic deck. CoP @ bottom entrance.

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 15
  • IW x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • Peter Parker x 10 each leg
  • Burpees x 10 (OYO)

WAVE 1: Catch me if you can (Partner Up)

  • P1 Starts running backwards up the short ramps to the 4th floor
  • P2 3 Burpees, then runs to catch P1
  • Flapjack once P2 catches P1
  • Repeat until you reach the top
  • Once we reach the top, back down to the first floor for Round #2, this time swapping 10 CDDs for Burpees.

Back down Stairwell #1 and across to the stadium

WAVE 2: Leg Lifts and Bearkin Lunge Crawls

  • Line up, socially distanced on curb outside of stadium
  • First, complete 20 leg lifts (Holding underneath the fence, raise your toes to touch the fence)
  • Next, Bear Crawl to other side, 1 Derkin
  • Lunge walk back to original side, 2 Derkins
  • Repeat until we get to 10 Derkins
  • We were supposed to finish with 20 more leg lifts but YHC forgot. You’re welcome.

Mosey over to Stairwell #2

WAVE 3: Deck Routine (Partner Back Up)

  • Starting at Stairwell #2, 10 Merkins each
  • P1 runs up Stairwell #1 to 2nd floor, P2 runs up Stairwell #3 to 2nd floor
  • Meet back at Stairwell #2, complete 10 burpees each
  • Run down to 1st floor, 10 Merkins each
  • Next set, 3rd Floor with 20 Jump Squats, back to 1st floor, 10 Merkins each
  • Last set, 4th Floor with 30 LBCs, back to 1st floor, 10 Merkins each

Mosey over to rock pile on McMahon rd., pick your weight

WAVE 4: Rock Work

  • 10 Curls, 10 Presses, 10 Triceps (2 Sets), run around circle and back
  • 10 Triple Lindys (Curl to Press to Triceps combination)

Mosey back to Launch Point

Mary until time is called

  • 20-count Freddy Mercuries
  • 10-count American Hammer
  • 5-count Windshield Wipers (This was a crowd pleaser for sure and will definitely be making it back into the rotation)
  • Protractor (Thanks Snuka)
  • 10-count High Slow Rosalitas

Called time and COT.

YHC with the prayer.


  • All the PAX worked hard this morning.
  • The vets like Lorax and Snuka were out front most of the time.
  • Margo was clearly pushing himself this morning and put in a strong effort across the board.
  • Surprisingly, Clover forgot to try and throw off our cadence count. Must have been the humidity.
  • Bout Time (who ran in), Snowflake, and Limey all had a strong showing as well.
  • If I had known Snuka was so slow at CDDs I would have let him lead the 2nd round of “Catch Me If You Can”. His method ensured YHC got all the inclines. Sneaky smart Snuka, respect.
  • By the time we wrapped @ 6:15 it didn’t matter that the rain never came. We were all soaked.


  • Bout Time’s M (Lauren) has been nominated for “Woman of the Year” by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The story about their son, Jennings, is truly inspiring. If you’d like to hear more or help out by making a donation, use the link here:

Just a soupy campus tour…

20 strong for Impromptu today along with a few for Swarm!  If your goal was to lose some water weight, then today was the day!  Man, the air was thick!  Goodfella made the comment “at least it isn’t humid” …  he’s a liar!  However, nothing stands in the way of a workout for this crew! The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Warm Up Lap

Circle Up

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Potato Picker x 10

Mountain Climber x 10

Plank Jack x 10

Run down to the end of sidewalk stopping at each light pole for 5 Bobby Hurley’s

Grab some wall

30 Air Press in cadence

15 Donkey Kicks

30 Jabs in cadence

15 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to the traffic circle

Merkin x 10

Run to other traffic circle

Merkin x 10

Repeat x 3

Mosey to the benches – Dips then run on sidewalk to the tables for Step Ups

30 of each, then 20 of each, then 10 of each.

Mosey to Parking lot – Suicide to each line and back all the way to other side of the lot

At each line do 10 LBC’s and 1 Burpee at each return

Mosey to the front of the school to the benches

15 Derkins – half lap – 10 Derkins – half lap

Mosey back to start.



  • Be on the lookout for details for an F3 Waxhaw Spartan Race. This 5K race will include workouts we all normally do and will likely be held on Saturday, June 27th.  More to come…
  • 100 PAX Challenge is continuing to take donations. The goal is $10,000.
  • Prayer request – keep in touch with other F3 Brothers you haven’t seen recently. Some are struggling with depression, career challenges, etc…
  • Food Pantry every Thursday at Union Methodist. Could use toiletries and kid friendly foods.
  • Thank you Chicken Little for being the backup Q today!
  • Big shout out to Show Dawg! He is getting stronger and much faster!  Keep up the good work!

Finding Tuck

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey …

Warmed up with an opening mile on route to the famous “Frank and Beans” route only found in Millbridge.  Loosened up with some “Bratwurst” style exercises (minus the skip-kick thing).  For Waxhaw Express, this is Week 3 of an 8 week plan to prepare us for a 5k/10k race on July 4th weekend.  Today’s workout was simple to say, not so simple to execute.  Basically, we ran 10min on/2 min off.  The 10 min was at T pace (T = Threshold, your 1 hr long race pace, usually about 1 min longer per mile than your 1 mile race pace).  While your processing that, consider after our 10 min T-Pace, we got 2 min off/jog.  2 minutes never went by so quick …  Rinse and repeat for 3 sets!


Good job by all PAX, including a couple of cyclists.  It was good having Bratwurst there to oversee his 8 week plan in action.  We had all levels of runners working hard in the hills of Millbridge.  Gerber was at the pointy end with Tooltime on his hip.  I watched in admiration.  Scuba Steve (my Navy Seal neighbor) has been hopping on the Waxhaw Express lately, good to get him on dry ground.  Endo and Bratwurst joined us too, despite Bratwurst recent MTB accident.  He decided MTB is hazardous to his health (and I concur), we also contemplated a name swap between him and Endo???  Glidah was missing Dasher, but held his own quite well, he was right there for all three rounds, possibly regretting every minute of it:)  And , we had two Train patrols on their MTB’s, Fuse and Posse!  Last but not least, there was a lot of hype and buzz among the PAX in anticipation of TUCK’s EPIC return to Pursuit from quarantine.  PAX searched the hills of Millbridge High & Low for TUCK, only to later discover someone Fart Slacked this morning.  We miss you Tuck!


100For100 – Half way there!  Give what you can.  Yours truly took us out.

5:30 Impromptu

This week I was texting with Showgirl and he mentioned he enjoyed the 5:30 boot camps. Well yesterday we made a plan to meet at Impromptu for a 5:30 workout. It is with my surprise after a few months I still remembered how to set the alarm and actually woke up on time and made it shortly before 5:30.

Well as 5:30 rolls around it was time to do this.

Warmup Mosey to the front of the middle school for:

  • 20 SSH in cadence
  • 10 Hillbillies in cadence
  • 10 Imperial Walkers in Cadence
  • 20 Merkins
  • Calf Stretch

The Thang:

  • Starting at the path behind the school
    • 1 Burpee at the first light then add 1 for each additional lights ending with 8 at Rudy’s.
  • Wall Sits
    • 20 Air Presses and
    • 20 Jabs
  • Mosey to the tables at the Cafeteria for
    • 20 Derkins
    • 20 Dips
    • 20 Step ups
  • Mosey to steps at the High School for 3 rounds (drop 5 each round)
    • Bottom of Stairs 20 LBC
    • Top of Stairs 20 Mike Tysons
    • Run the path down and repeat 15, then 10.
  • Mosey to circles by the football field for 11’s
    • Top Squats
    • Bottom American Hammers
  • Mosey back for COT


It was great to get out with Showgirl again for some good livin.

I took us out.

The End.

Patio was Baking at Clyent Dinner

It was really ass swamp producing HOT!

Warm up down the sidewalk with a Mosey and stopping for SSH, Al Gore/Moroccan Night Clubs, Mosey some more stop for Merkins, calf stretch, Wide Arm Merkins, Duggans, 6 inches, Warm Up Complete.

Mosey up to the traffic circle by the stadium and back to the rock pile.  Grab a rock:


Burpee then broad jump over rock x10, Al Gore/rock press x10, Lunges with rock over head x10

Same exercises all the way down to 2.

Mosey to traffic circle.  Up top complete 25 step ups and bottom circle 10 Merkin Shredders.  Each group completes top and bottom.

Mosey to stadium parking lot.  Up 2 lights for 10 Speed Skaters and back 1 for 10 Bobby Hurleys.

Mosey to school and find a wall for:

9-7-5-3-1 Mike Tysons, Big Boy Sit Ups and Donkey Kicks

Mosey back to COT and find some shade!


It was hotter than two rats scrompin in a wool sock!