Bombjack Bonanza-

Bombjack Bonanza-

Field trip day 2 Cuthbertson— With two more Chaperones… (Zinfandel and High Hat) to help wrangle all the Southside Briarcrest peeps— I think Carb Load called them in to keep a eye on us after yesterday lol

DICCS- to include social distancing

Warm up-

Mosey to the T interaction towards Transporter Shed

10 – low slow squats

5 – low slow merkins

plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, plank, right arm high. right leg high 10 seconds

plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, plank, left arm high, left leg high 10 seconds

downward dog and upper ward dog– the Chicken really has no idea what is what thanks Carb Load for clearing this up– remember this PAX if your looking up it is called upper dog- and if your looking down it is called downward dog?  hummmm who knew???

Mosey past transporter shed to the left at the trail head near the buses for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats

Mosey up the trail to the circular island for the THANG.

The Thang

All Pax spread-out around the island with hands on curb in a plank position- complete a merkin and slide to the right 7 times, rinse repeat to the left 7 times- Stay in same position and do 5 slide over merkins to the right and then again to the left.

10- bomb jacks and 10 jump squats

Partner up for some ab work


200 – LBCS

150-Heels to Heaven ( up and down is 1)

100- Pistol LBCS

50 – Big Boys

P2- Run to island at bottom of hill for 10- jump squats

when finish help your fellow PAX finish– back to curb for same 7/5/7/5 merkin slide overs and when done step back for 10 jump squats and 10 bomb jacks

Mosey from island to benches near cafeteria for 25 dips with right leg out and 25 dips with left leg out- Sprint to door of Cafeteria and back to benches for 15 incline merkins with left leg out and 15 incline merkins right leg out- then sprint to door and back for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats.

Mosey up around high school stopping at corner for 1o bomb jacks and 10 jump squats– Mosey to one of the culverts in the school for some Mike Tysons and presses– Started with 5 Tysons and 20 Air presses and got to 7 and 28 before moseying to entrance of high school for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats. Mosey to front of middle school for more Mike Tysons and air presses – 8 Tysons and 32 air presses- got to 9 and 36. Mosey to COT TO finish with 10 Mike Tysons and 40 air-presses and 15 LBCS– TIME UP!!! WHEWWWWWWW.



We had 15 dedicated soles- 13  from the Briars and the Crest for our field trip and 2 lone wolves who have accepted as our own. After we verified everyone’s permission slips and welcome the one and only Zinfandel back in our group we took off for our campus tour. The PAX really pushed themselves today and I only heard a few whimpers and crying mainly from my niece ( two left feet) but overall it was a well round workout with plenty of Bomb Jacks and Jump Squats. I am very proud of the kids in Briarcrest who are getting up and getting after it even when Schneider, -0-69 and I move the workout to out of the neighborhood the last two days– awesome to see. It was good to see High Hat and Zinfandel back out with us as well as Crab Load two days in a row.. Peace out Boys have a great day

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